Plan Toys Croquet Review

We recently received a Plan Toys Croquet set to review from The Toadstool. The website tells us a little about it….

Plan Toys Croquet
An old school game for practicing you aim now in eco-friendly version, made from Planwood.
4 colourful wooden balls of 4 animals: bird, tiger, frog and monkey
4 wooden wickets
1 final stand
2 wooden mallets
the set comes with a bag for balls, wickets and stand.
Suitable from 4 years and up
Indoors suitable on carpet
Mallet Size: 7.6 cm x 12.7cm x 52.1 cm

This was unwrapped and unboxed in no time by the children, and they were very excited to discover the set, and I was pleased to discover a handy little bag that comes with it to keep it all neat and tidy in – a very nice addition.

Plan Toys Croquet

Plan Toys Croquet Set

We’ve had Plan Toys before, and this croquet set lives up to their high standards as it’s great quality and clearly well-made. All of their products are made from sustainable wood and eco-friendly materials. The mallets and balls are heavy enough to feel sturdy and durable, yet light enough for them to be played with by my young children. It can easily be used indoors or outside, so weather need not stop play!

Boo loves this set. It’s great for her co-ordination and teaching her to be more precise and patient. She enjoys counting every tap that she makes to get the balls through the wickets and takes that part quite seriously!

Plan Toys Croquet action

Little Man adores the balls and what 1 year-old doesn’t love a mallet?!

Plan Toys Croquet balls

It is a great quality set. It feels nice to hold, it looks bright, colourful and beautiful and it’s a fun game, indoors or out. But for me, it’s the sound that it makes, as the mallet hits the ball.

Such a relaxing sound!

What do you think of this one? Can you see your children having fun with it?


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30 thoughts on “Plan Toys Croquet Review”

  1. You are so right Jocelyn, it does make a brilliant sound! I love the look of this little set and it’s good that both your little ones had so much fun with it xx

    p.s. how cute are Boo’s woolly slippers?!

    1. I love that sound. It’s quality and relaxing 🙂 They do both love this, though Boo’s the only one playing it properly! And yes – they are too cute! X

  2. #bestslippersever!!!!! I love all these wooden toys and I know I always say it but I really like the way they look so nice and vintage. They would look ace displayed in a bedroom. Or lovely to keep for future grandkids (!) xxx

    1. They’re great, aren’t they?! You do think ahead, too! This is a lovely set, and it could definitely last til grandkids 🙂

    1. It’s great 🙂 Ah, well, I don’t want to falsely represent there, as it’s calm when Boo’s playing, but once the one year old gets involved, it becomes somewhat chaotic!

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