Planning A Small Break In The Autumn? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Help Finance Your Trip

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We all love having something to look forward to. It’s what gets us through the working week, and what the kids love to get excited about! And although the summer break is already drawing to a close (where did the six weeks go!?) it’s the perfect opportunity to plan ahead and look at the next break in the diary – October Half Term.

I might sound a little pedantic, after all it’s still summer! But planning ahead makes things easier to finance and we all know how expensive a much needed family break is during the school holidays. There are a number of ways you can finance your holiday goal, whether that’s using your savings to help with the initial funds, or maybe checking out an investment ISA with Wealthify – discover more about the investment app from Wealthify by clicking the link – however you go about it, it’s important to remember that it IS doable!

To help you, I’ve come up with 4 more ways you can help finance your next trip.

Take control of your finances

We live in a fast paced world where its far easier to tap our debit cards on the contactless machine then finding the right change in our purses. If you want to save a little extra money towards your holiday then you need to be in more control, that means using cash! Using cash rather than plastic means that we spend differently. We’re less likely to add extra items to the trolley if we only have a certain amount of cash in our wallet.

Find things to do that are free

The summer holidays might be nearly over, but the kids will still need entertaining on the weekends after they go back to school. Try not to feel the pressure into taking them to more theme parks, zoos and attractions and try to find fun and interesting things to do that are much kinder to your holiday fund. Head to the library and see if they have any free activities coming up or visit local museums and places of interest in your local area. There’s nothing wrong with blowing away the cobwebs with a nice family walk!

Head to your budget supermarket

We all love a bargain! So make sure you’re getting plenty of those in your weekly shop. If you really want to get the lowest prices, then try to do your weekly shop on an evening, as this is when many products are marked down in price in order to get them off the shelves quicker! Save, save, save!

Your subscriptions

I’ll be the first to admit that there is some pretty good TV out there at the moment, and blockbuster films are just a few clicks away. However, all this entertainment is costly and usually involves more than one TV subscription package. The solution? Simply cull the streaming services you no longer want or simply don’t get your monies worth from. Any money you save can go directly into your holiday fund – and don’t forget, you can always catch up again when you return home. No spoilers please!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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