Planning The Ultimate Al Fresco Dining Experience At Home This Summer: Our Top Tips

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The countdown to summer is on. Countless days are spent outside, soaking in the sun’s rays and not going inside until the temperatures drop. Consuming cold refreshing drinks and BBQ food – these moments are often what fills a person’s summer.

In the lead-up to summer, look for ways to plan the perfect yard space to host your al fresco dining experience for friends and family. After any work has been completed in your yard, then more exciting planning can begin. If you are hoping to plan the ultimate al fresco dining experience at home this summer, keep reading to find a few top tips to help you accomplish this goal.

Decorate Outdoor Dining Area

Included in your yard renovation project might have been creating a seating area. This seating area can be transformed into a dining area where you and your guests can enjoy the food created for your dining experience. Think about the table decorations, the cutlery used and if you will use a table runner and placemats. If you want to make the dining area a little more personal, add table place names for each of your guests in attendance.

Aside from the table, consider the decorations that surround the table. Will you have lights that will be switched on when the sun starts to set? Are you going to place any banners or decorative items around the table? How your outdoor dining area is decorated can add to the entire experience, so spend time thinking about the best way to decorate the space.

Think About Food Choices

Of course, food choices are a key factor to consider when planning the ultimate al fresco dining experience. Many will opt for BBQ food, as it is a quintessential staple in summer cuisine. However, you might want to choose something a little different. This summer, you might treat yourself to a pizza oven from Ooni. You can host an al fresco pizza party, where guests can enjoy being outside as they make their pizzas and cook them in your new pizza oven.

Another option could be asking each guest to bring their own dish. Each dish brought can be placed in the middle of the table and shared amongst all guests. This way, everyone has a small involvement in the al fresco dining experience.

Complimentary Drink Menu

Whilst the food might be the star of the al fresco dining experience, don’t forget the choice of drinks served. Similar to the food, you might ask that everyone bring their own drinks with them. If there is a menu for the food, you could find drinks that best complement the dishes served. As you will be hosting the al fresco dining experience in the summer, you may even want to consider having a cocktail menu.

Spend time practicing to perfect your summer cocktails for the meal. Think of creative names inspired by the food menu you and your friends will be dining on, and use these to label each drink choice for the evening. This small detail will likely not go unnoticed by friends.

As the weather turns warmer and the nights get lighter, you can utilize your yard to create the ultimate al fresco dining experience. It can be a perfect way to create memories with the ones you love this summer.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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