Playmags Review

We have a new toy, and it’s proving to be a big hit here. Playmags ! They are going down very well, so today I’ll share with you our Playmags review.

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Playmags shapes and patterns are great for imaginative and creative play, as well as developing maths, geometry and motor skills. As the name suggests, all pieces are magnetic, allowing easy connections, great for little hands.


Playmags are available in a range of sizes and themes and the box that we have received is a 60 piece box, which includes:

1 x Connecting Car
2 x Large Square (6″ x 6″)
31 x Small Square (3″ x 3″)
4 x Window (3″ x 3″)
10 x Small Triangle (3″ x 3″)
4 x Medium Triangle (3″ x 4″)
8 x Tall Triangle (3″ x 5.5″)
2 x Large Square (6″” x 6”)

That’s enough pieces to make a good variety of structures, so plenty enough for two kids to play with at once without fighting over pieces. When the box arrived, I wanted to get a feel for the Playmags myself before the kids got home, so I had a little fun…


They are quite addictive, as there’s something good about feeling that magnetic pull as each piece connects and they stick together so easily.

The magnets are just strong enough to make decent structures without falling apart, but so that they can be moved around and apart with the slightest of touches. They are effortless.

There is a booklet that comes with the set with a range of suggestions for what to construct, from beginner through to advanced levels.

I found this useful myself initially, and when the children first sat down to play with it, Boo went straight to the book and started to create from that.




Little Man was much more freestyle from the start, and Boo soon followed suit so they were building from their imaginations within a few minutes and that’s since been the case whenever they have played with these.


Since these arrived, Little Man has got them out to play with every single day, which is a sign of a very popular toy here.

He tends to make buildings, towers and houses with them most often, exploring with the different shapes and how they can all fit together.

He will normally have one of two little figures that he plays with in conjunction with the structures which really ensures his imagination takes flight.

Playmags Review

For me, I decide whether I like a toy based on the following criteria:

How easy is it to set up?

You literally just take it out of the box and the kids are away.

How likely is it to break?

Unlikely, I think. The pieces are very sturdy and have taken a fair few falls onto our tiled floor and have survived.

As it’s a construction set, there’s also no danger of one part breaking and the whole toy being rendered useless.

How many batteries is this going to use up?


How long will it actually occupy my children?

It varies, of course, but I’d say that once out, it tends to be around an hour that one or both of them are playing with it, which is good going for my two and my son gets it out to play with daily.

It gets a thumbs up all round here, as I see Playmags as durable, educational and fun, and the kids both really enjoy playing with them.

2018 Playmags Review Update

The kids (now aged 6 and 9) still get these out and play with them very regularly, especially Little Man.

I’d say that this is their easy go-to toy to grab and play with and I see them play with it a few times every week. That’s quite something when you consider just how many toys that these two have between them!

The builds have become more complex now, though more often than not, my son’s includes some sort of prison or cage for his figures to get trapped in. After all this time and hours upon hours of playing, there is not a single playmag broken or damaged.

The thumbs up verdict definitely still stands, this is one of our all-time favourite toys.

What do you think? Could this be something your children enjoy? If so, you could get a small set to start you off with…

Or go big!

Disclosure: We received this product FOC for the purposes of this post, though we have since more additional packs ourselves. This post contains affiliate links

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  2. I saw these for the first time a couple of days ago and thought they look fantastic….A great way to get little one’s imaginations going. I think these are something for me to add to the Christmas list x

  3. Oh my this looks amazing and right up my son’s street! They use this sort of stuff for occupational therapy at my son’s school too. One to add to the Birthday/ Christmas wish list I think 🙂

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