Pokemon Go Has Got Me

The Husband came home a few evenings ago and showed me his phone with a Squirtle on our lawn. He threw a ball at it and trapped it, popping him in his Pokedex. He was so pleased with himself. He is 40 years old.

A few hours later, he randomly started walking around the house whilst we were in the middle of watching Orange is the New Black. I asked him what he was doing. It seems he’d started his waft, so was looking to attract more Pokemon. Totally normal.

By the weekend, I caved. As he showed it to my brother and his wife and they both immediately downloaded the app, I decided that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

And you know what? It’s a great idea. On Saturday afternoon, instead of all lounging around in my mum’s garden, we all went for a walk after lunch to catch some Pokemon. OK, it was hugely unsuccessful as the servers went down at that point, but we were out. The kids were so happy chasing around looking for them and we all stretched our legs and got some fresh air.

Strolling for Pokemon Go

It was a fun little walk, and as you can see, the kids were far more interested in walking with their aunt, uncle and nanny than us, so we hung back and let them be!

We were out with the kids again yesterday, a few more Pokemon caught.

If it gets us out and about exercising more, it has to be a good thing. My Little Man and I will be going for a walk today to see if we can find some, and he is so excited about it. The Husband has a couple of days head start on me so I really need to take advantage of him being at work to try and catch up a little and grab a few more.

Quite honestly, I don’t know how long it will hold my interest for, though I’m already certain I’m not about to go crazy trying to capture them, unlike these folk at Central Park…


Made me laugh to watch, though! And that’s the other thing I like about this app, there’s a camaraderie about it, even if it is a huge group of people looking at their phones. It’s lighthearted relief and easy to get involved with.

Now, if you’ve got this far and are wondering what on earth I’m rambling on about, firstly, where have you been? Secondly, it’s easy to join in, just download the Pokemon Go app. It takes a couple of minutes to set you up on there with a username and avatar, and you’re away. Look around, spot a Pokemon and throw a ball at it to catch it. There are 151 to collect and I believe there are gyms to train them and battles to be fought as you progress. There are eggs to find and hatch, too, though I’ve yet to find any. To be honest, I’m all about catching a few Pokemon and I think that’ll be me done, I’m not desperate to train and fight them. But then if you’d asked me if I’d be walking round my garden, phone in hand, trying to spot an animated creature on my phone 4 days ago, I’d have thought you mad. Never say never!

How about you? Have you succumbed to Pokemon Go?

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18 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Has Got Me”

  1. blank

    My family are all hooked. My eldest daughter has taken her two young sister’s out twice now Pokemon hunting. They’ve been to two different parks, and even though the server was down yesterday afternoon they still had fun. I’m taking this as a good thing as my eldest is 27 and rarely has any time for her sister’s 10 and 8. Sadly, she’s still not prepared to take out her 5 yr old brother. He’s not bothered though, he’s not interested in Pokemon.

    1. blank

      That’s definitely a good thing then. I do think it’s getting a lot of people out and about, which can only be a good thing.

  2. blank

    Pokemon has really taken the world by storm….
    I downloaded it but haven’t really played it.
    It sounds so good for getting everyone outside…..I’m on Pay as you go so my phone is rubbish for it so can only play it where there is Wi-Fi. lol

  3. blank

    Everyone is either raving or moaning. However, this morning for the first time all year my son ASKED to walk to school to hunt Pokemon so in my book, it’s bloody brilliantly! People will always moan but who cares!

  4. blank

    Im hooked. My friend downloaded it and at first i said nah i can’t be botherd but after doing the school run with her and seeing what it was about i caught the bug. I’ve noticed im out and about looking for pokemon. I spend longer out trying to hatxh the eggs as the eggs are hatched by walking 2k 5k 10k. I find it slightly embarrasing when fellow players see you playing and nod in aknowledgment. I think its a great idea for the family. My sons too young but my friends kids all love it

  5. blank

    I am intrigued by it. I get that people and especially children have to be aware of their surroundings, but hopefully they will. People will do silly things anyway, but I’d hate to see someone get hurt because of it. I think it’s great that it gets the family outdoors and walking on the hunt for pokemon. You are doing fab. Keep me updated on twitter xx

    1. blank

      We’re out and about so much with it! As well as catching them, I’m walking to hatch my eggs now, too – it’s a crazy world! x

    1. blank

      I’d definitely do that! I *might* have driven a ridiculous way home today just to take in a few pokestops! X

  6. blank

    I have the bug (literally, I have several Weedles and a Kakuna now too!). I played Pokemon growing up and this is like all my gaming dreams coming true! lol!
    I’ve found a local Facebook group for Pokemon Go players who I’m hoping to be brave enough to meet up with at some point.
    Plus, it’s fun and it’s making me want to go out and walk!
    Glad you and the family are enjoying it!

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