Today I’m bringing you a review of a new app, which I’m finding blends the digital and the papery perfectly.

postsnapPostsnap allows you to send real postcards, directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Now, you know that I’m all for sending papery goodness out into the world, so this concept appealed to me straight-away. OK, it’s not hand writing a note, which I am fond of, but it still gets some post dropping through a letterbox that’s sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face, so that’s good enough for me!

Once you’ve downloaded the free app, you pop a few of your own account details in and you can then either add in credit or pay as you go along. Postcards are priced at £1.50-£2, which does include the postage. As soon as your account is set up, you can begin preparing your post.

This is where it gets fun! You tap to create a postcard. You then have the option of using any snap from your camera roll or Instagram account. You can go for one picture…

photo 1 (13)

Or a montage…

postsnap card

There are plenty of layout options available. From there, you can select ‘effects’ to put on your photo similarly to Instagram, opt for borders choosing from a good range of different colours and patterns, and you can add text to the front of the postcard, too.

We used one as a ‘thank you’ for some Disney store vouchers Boo had for her birthday, showing my aunt what she’d chosen to buy…

photo 4 (93)

I surprised a fellow snail mailer using a beautiful photograph that she’d taken and used as a recent Silent Sunday shot, by putting it into print for her…

postsnap card 1

Boo and Little Man also received a postcard pic of their elf on a shelf, Marty, advising them that he’s well and that he’ll be back here ready for the Christmas countdown soon. That one went down very well with Boo!

It’s very handy for thank yous and invitations, and as it does save each postcard you create, it gives you the option of duplicating that copy and sending it to someone else, so you could get several of the same print sent without having to design separately every time. Once you’re happy with the front, you tap and type in your text on the reverse, the recipients details, and you can handwrite your signature using the touchscreen, too. Boo had fun with that option! You then pay for the design, receive a confirmation email of it, and it tends to be printed and posted the following day, and again, you do get a notification email.

I love the ease of this. It’s there on my phone, along with my camera roll and addresses. I simply photograph something, play about with the image, type in a message and address and click to send. No need to even leave the house, and yet I’m sending happy mail. I’m sold on it!

What do you think? Can you think of a few ways to brighten someone’s day using Postsnap?

Disclosure: I received some Postsnap credit FOC for the purposes of this review.

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