Project Garden Update 25th September

This week we have been getting out there and tidying it up a bit and just enjoying it in this final burst of good weather. Boo and I have planted lots of alium bulbs at the weekend, which I will be eagerly looking out for in the spring. Aliums were on my wish-list quite near the start of the gardening project, so I am pleased to have got those in. We’ve dotted lots of different varieties of them all around the bed nearest to the back door, which is now pretty full as I’ve moved most of my favourite plants to there! This includes this gorgeous rose in full bloom..


..and my much sought-after Harlow Carr David Austin rose, which is now covered in tiny buds like this – I’m looking out there first thing every day in the hope that it’s blossomed!

Harlow Carr

The herb garden is coming along now, and the marigolds that we popped in there for a splash of colour are fulfilling their role admirably..

herb garden

We’ve also found some unexpected visitors out there this week, a young frog (froglet?!) and some mushrooms, which you can see Boo inspecting here, while nanny gets to grips with cutting that buddleia back even more…


The garden is lacking lots of colour now, as autumn marches in, though I am cheered by the sight of this sedum which is right in my eye-line from the kitchen window, and looking glorious.


And that’s us this week. We’ve the arduous task of emptying the rockery and levelling it off over the coming weeks, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress.

What about your garden? What colours can you still see out there?

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16 thoughts on “Project Garden Update 25th September”

  1. Lovely! I am loving sedums this year, despite not remembering ever seeing them before. Seriously I show my gardening noob skillz too much!
    What a cracking rose too – this rain is doing some good then ey? 🙂

    Thanks for joining in sweet cheeks x

    1. That sedum just makes me smile each time I look out of the window. Love my roses! Yes, I suppose rain does have it’s uses…! Thanks for hosting 🙂

    1. Thank you. I have a fair few roses – a little bit obsessed! Your neighbours will probably be flattered that you like them so much, so go ask – be lovely to see them 🙂

  2. you have just made me want to go and get more roses this weekend. and i love frogs. we have lots of them in our new yard. we can mostly just hear them at night

  3. Your garden is just doing brilliantly Jocelyn, the roses are wonderful and the sedum looks lovely. We have one of those with the largest spider’s web (and spider!) directly above it. It’s right next door to our shiny new outside loo! How amazing finding that frog, such a fabulous photo too 🙂

  4. Oh what stunning roses and the Sedum is just such a gorgeous colour. I’m determined to plant some Alium bulbs too, I’ve never had much success with mine, but hopefully this time they’ll grow. Your herb bed is looking great too,bet it smells lovely in the rain.

    1. Thanks, I do love my roses. I hope we both have aliums aplenty next year then – look forward to seeing your photos of them all 🙂

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