Project Garden Update 2nd October

I was hanging the washing out the other day (not the most glamorous start to a blog-post, I do recognise), and I was struck by how peaceful the garden was. It was a sunny, crisp autumn day, with a little breeze rustling through the trees. I rushed through my thrilling chore and then popped inside to grab the camera to share with you what my garden is up to at the moment…

tree 001



tree 005


And here it is, my favourite out there at the moment, my Harlow Carr rose..

harlow carr

What’s that you say? You’d like to see another photo of that rose? Oh, OK then…

Harlow Carr David Austin roseAnd as Boo was watching crazy mummy randomly photographing flowers, she was quite insistent that I share her garden with you, too, so here it is..

Boo's gardenProject Garden has been about more removal of plants from the rockery this week, so that is getting steadily flattened, ready for it to serve a whole new purpose. We’ve also been tidying up out there – moving the patio furniture back into the shed, raking the leaves, hacking down more shrubs – all the normal early autumn jobs.

And today? Today it is raining here. I won’t be venturing out into the garden, but I did enjoy the sight of the autumn colours out there when I looked out, so I’ll share a rainy-day photo, too..




Are you still enjoying your garden as the season is changing? Much to do out there?

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19 thoughts on “Project Garden Update 2nd October”

    1. I’d definitely recommend it. She loved putting it together and watered and tended it all summer. She’s very proud of it 🙂

  1. Ooh that is a fabulous tree (the big one) and so is the maple 🙂 sounded like you have been so busy! We have to a to do and haven’t started yet. I’m currently trying to deal with the huge amount of apples falling off the tree!

    1. Thank you. I’m really trying to keep on top of it for the first time ever! At least I don’t have to contend with apples!

  2. Love that Boo has a garden too. That’s something I need to do with mine next year as I know they’d go mad for growing their own things. That rose really is pretty – I’m glad there are 2 photos of it, it’s like the tips of the petals have been dipped to be lighter, beautiful.
    Apart from cutting the grass and lobbing back over the fallen apples from nextdoor (I am that much of a grinch!) it’s all quiet on the garden front at the moment 🙂

    Thanks for joining in again, I’m loving the Autumn vibes this week x

    1. She really likes having her own little space out there. I do love that rose. I’ve been standing at the back door looking at it this morning, which my husband thought was weird!
      I’d be a grinch like that, too 😉
      Thanks for hosting x

  3. Hanging out the washing is a lovely way to start a post! It sounds romantical! Just think, in some (many) parts of the United States it is illegal to hang your washing out to dry. I always feel sorry that they don’t get to experience the joy of air dried fresh new sheets on their beds. The garden looks lovely! It’s nice to get distracted from jobs to appreciate what is around us, but I blame this for my house being a mess and the paperwork not getting done!

    1. I did not know that! I feel sorry for them, too, now. It was nice to get distracted, and surely housework can always wait?!

  4. Still some lovely splashes of colour – always pleased to see fuchsias, one of my favourites! Love Boo’s garden, we just did some pots with the the boys this year, which they loved. I have grander plans for next year 🙂

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