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One of my favourite things about blogging is being able to reach out to brands that I want to work with and share here with you. I find that having been blogging for just over a year now, I’m confident to approach companies that I like and am keen to bring to you.

So, I’m pleased to say that I recently approached Kidstart to see whether we could work together in some capacity. I’m a big fan of Kidstart, and have been using them since I was pregnant with Boo, so over 5 years now. Every time I shop on-line (which is how I do most of my shopping) I use them. As such, I’ll be bringing you news and offers from them as a Kidstart Ambassador, and I’m currently working with them on further ideas, too – exciting!


So, by way of an introduction to them, this page tells you how it all works. Put very simply, when I shop on-line, I always go via Kidstart first, click through to the shop I want, and after I complete my purchase there, a percentage of that sale is added to my Kiddybank. That’s linked to both of my children’s savings accounts (you can link up any accounts), and every time the pot reaches £10, it’s transferred over to their accounts. As I have 2 children registered with them, it simply splits the credits across the two accounts. I love putting money into the kids’ savings accounts just by shopping! I do all of my Christmas shopping this way, and plenty more besides, so it’s an easy way to add to their little pots.

They have this Savings Prompt that you can install, that handily pulls up their partners on any searches you do, too. So for example, I search TMNT toys in Google (yes, a regular check here lately!) and it will come up with a little reminder and a click through to ensure I earn money on any TMNT purchases I make with their retail partners. Oh, and they do have things like utilities, phones, insurance and so on on there, so do check those areas, too, before renewals and switching.

Along with the ongoing credits back into your accounts, there are regular promotions on, too. For example, they currently have these offers running…

Toys ‘R’ Us – £15 coupon when you spend £100 & 2% back for your kids

The Body Shop – Buy 2 Get 2 FREE and up to 8% back for your kids

Etsy – Increased Rate of 5% back for your kids

Littlewoods -6% back for your kids on your first shop, on the Home department!

And they’ve recently added Amazon to their fold, too, which is handy for me as I use them a lot!

These are merely a small selection of the hundreds of retailers you can save with over there. So if you’re about to get cracking on that Christmas shopping, why not add to your children’s savings whilst you do so?

What do you think? Do you use them, too?

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