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The lovely Sophie, over at Sophie Is has tagged me to share a few answers to her questions with you, in the Q&A meme, so I thought I’d have a go and reveal all…!

Where in the world would you most like to be right now?

Well, always anywhere that my family are, and fortunately that’s right here! But if we could all be transported, it’d be to Las Vegas, stood outside the Bellagio hotel, watching the fountains show. I was just showing the kids a YouTube clip of it, and telling them why the Husband and I like the song This Kiss – brings back some great memories, and it’d be fabulous to show it to the children, too. And it’d be sunny. And then I could eat cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. And then I could go and gamble….! Oh, to dream….!

What do you love most about having your blog?

It gives me focus, somewhere to channel my endless ideas and energy, it charts my kids’ growing up, it’s brought me so many fabulous review opportunities and I’ve made some truly lovely friends through it, some I’ve met in person, others I love ‘knowing’ through the on-line world. So, really, I love pretty much everything about it!

Who is the person that you most admire?

My mum. She’s a great mum, always has been, and is now a fabulous nanny, too. She’s come through a very painful divorce, beaten cancer, handled the grief of all of her family (her mum and two brothers) dying within six months of one another, and still, still, I know she’d put my brother and I first in a heartbeat and her problems pale into comparison if we ever need her. I know, with absolutely certainty, that she would do anything for me, and is always here when I need her. She’s loyal to her many friends, she can turn her hand to pretty much anything and, well, she’s my mum. I’m proud of her.

What keeps you awake at night?

Other than Little Man getting up repeatedly, you mean?! To be honest, as long as the children sleep, then I tend to, though I can be kept awake by a book. I so often do that thing of staying up later than I know I should, as the kids will invariably have me up by 6, but I just want to read that little bit more. I do it night after night until I’m exhausted. When will I learn?!

What is your all-time favourite breakfast?

Hmm. If I’m home, probably croissants and orange juice, but the ‘all-time’ would be connected to the luxury of not making it, as I do love a hotel breakfast – ooh, the decadence!

Which song makes you smile every time you hear it?

There are a few that will always have me happy and singing along, such as I Say a Little Prayer, Burning Love, My Life and I’m Your Man (all totally current hits, of course!) and then tracks like Let it Go and Gangnam Style, because I immediately picture Boo dancing and singing along to them!

If you could go back and give one piece of advice to your fifteen year old self, what would it be?

As if I’d have listened! I think in your teens, it’s about making mistakes and then taking something from them, so I have few regrets, but plenty of learns!

OK, so now it’s my turn to tag a few bloggers, and I’d like to ask them these very same questions, as I enjoyed answering them. So, I tag…

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Join in if you fancy it, too! Would any of your answers be similar to mine?

the q&a meme

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20 thoughts on “The Q&A Meme”

    1. I love Vegas! We’ve not stayed at the Bellagio, though, we just look at it! On our last visit there, we stayed at Planet Hollywood and our room looked out on the fountains – fabulous! x

  1. Thanks so much for joining in! It’s great to find out a bit more about you. Your mum really does sound like an incredible woman – very inspiring. I very much identify with staying up way too late reading… It’s the only time I ever really get to read, though I often pay for it the next day! Here’s hoping you get your hotel breakfast in Las Vegas sometime soon 🙂 x

    1. Oh, it’s fabulous! We’ve been three times, but I suspect it’ll be a while now before our next visit! Thank you xx

    1. Yes, it’s amazing what people can get through and come out smiling. You’re very welcome, look forward to reading x

  2. I love these, thank you for nominating me. I will definitely be joining in! Mine would be my Mom too, who has also been through so much (also including cancer). So inspirational!

  3. Lovely to find out a bit more about you. I still have to finish my answers for this and post them! I am guilty of staying up too late reading too – had one night when I stayed up until about 4am reading and then of course the girls woke about 6am and I was like a zombie! And I agree too that your teens are all about making mistakes and learning from them – I suspect my 15 year old self wouldn’t have listened to my advice either! 🙂

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