Rambling Through The Roses

Last weekend, we decided to take a trip to the David Austin roses plant centre, in Albrighton. I’ve recently bought a couple for Project Garden, as they are my favourite plants, so I was keen to roam the gardens and see which other ones I liked the most, and I knew that Boo would love running up and down the pathways, and in amongst the dazzling array of beautiful flowers. We’d also received our digital camera for Boo to get involved in the Kids Capture the Colour competition, and I couldn’t think of a prettier place to go and get her photography journey started.


It was lovely to spend the afternoon in such beautiful surroundings, while further encouraging Boo’s interest in gardening and the nature all around her. There were lots of different gardens for us to explore, filled to the brim with more rose varieties than I could ever have imagined existed! Most were entered through archways, and though they had row upon row of flowers that we could easily see over, to Boo, they were at just the right height to form magical fragrant mazes. Little Man enjoyed looking on from his pushchair, watching his sister crazily careering around, camera firmly strapped to her wrist! I took these photos, by the way, as Boo is saving all of her masterpieces for the competition blog post. She was determined to get a wildlife photo, which meant terrorising some poor peacocks, so you can spot that moment in there…!

rambling through the roses

It was all as gorgeous as I’d hoped it would be, and the photos are all well and good, but I really wish I could convey to you the scents we were assailed with, too, as we wandered. A fabulous place, and I impressed myself by coming away without buying any more roses…though I may have made a small list while I was there of the ones that I liked the most…just in case I need a few more…

Now, it all seems so perfect, doesn’t it? Great time had by all and all that? Nearly. On the way home (a quick jaunt back down the motorway – 40 minutes home tops), they closed the M6, with us sat on it. So, two and a half hours later, we finally got home. Boo was pretty good, to be fair, but Little Man was not as happy. Lots of crying while there’s nothing you can do about it (and that was just the husband and I!). Oh well, we’re home safely now, and we ‘needed’ fish and chips on the way home as we were running late 😉

I’m linking up with the fabulous #CountryKids at Coombe Mill – go over and take a look around at the other posts for more outdoors adventures.
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12 thoughts on “Rambling Through The Roses”

  1. Looks gorgeous place to visit. I read your post and just imagined the beautiful smell of roses thee too. Found you from #Country Kids at Coombe Mill

  2. What great photos from your visit to a lovely place, I could just imagine the wonderful aroma. Boo looks a budding photographer – I hope she managed to get some nice photos. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. I believe she did manage to get the peacock in the end, so she was satisfied! Thanks very much & thanks for hosting x

    1. I bet you do – funny the things we end up missing. You do get to live in a land with The Cheesecake Factory, though 🙂

    1. I’d definitely recommend it. A great way of seeing and smelling loads of different varieties so you can choose your favourites. And yes, thanks, she got plenty of good photos 🙂

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