Writing letters on Christmas paper

Random Acts Of Kindness – The Papery Challenge 2023

We did this one last December and it went down well, so let’s do it again! 

I’m very aware how busy everyone can be this month and how busy the postal services all over the world are, so instead of arranging a swap, I am laying down a challenge for you. This month, I suggest that you take part in the random acts of kindness papery challenge.

It’s nice and simple to get involved and to raise a smile.

All that you need to do this month is complete a random act of kindness. Something to brighten someone else’s day, or maybe even their week or month. 

If you’ve not heard about Random Acts of Kindness, their website is brilliant at sharing ideas and inspiration. It is a lovely place to stop by and read some happy stories.  

If you pop over to their Kindness Ideas section, there are so many lovely things you can do, and plenty with a papery twist. 

Writing letters on Christmas paper

For example, for our challenge you might want to:

Send A Holiday Letter

Share Your Favourite Book With Someone

Create Positive Bookmarks And Hide Them At Your Local Library

Donate Used Books To A Library

Leave A Book Somewhere For Someone To Find

Ship A Care Package

Send A Postcard

Leave A Surprise In Your Mailbox For Your Mail Carrier

These are just a handful of the suggestions, and of course the possibilities are endless as you can create your own random act of kindness.

It might be for a stranger, it might be for a friend, it doesn’t matter at all.

Just think of how much you can make a difference to someone by doing this one little thing. Spread a little kindness this month. 

Will you accept the challenge? Have fun with it!

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6 thoughts on “Random Acts Of Kindness – The Papery Challenge 2023”

  1. I participate with postcrossing.com where we send and receive postcards from around the world. Recently I sent a postcard to a mom in Ukraine, and we have become email buddies. She has two children and they have been very impacted by the war. Yesterday I sent them a surprise Christmas box.

  2. I’ve recently sent a jigsaw puzzle (cardboard = paper) with a design called The Puzzle of Positivity to a friend from over 50 years ago who going through a tough time. We get each other’s way of thinking so the positivity angle won’t offend her. She adores jigsaws and we don’t usually swap Christmas gifts so I think I’ll bag this as a RAK ????????

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