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Rapidough Review

We have a new game here, a creative one, and we’ve been having fun playing it. We’re sharing our Rapidough review, a game from Drumond Park, and I also have a game up for grabs, so do read on…


Guess too slow and you lose some dough!

The original modelling guessing game; an all-time classic, and a perennial top choice in the UK’s ‘what shall we play?’ household stakes.

Grab your clay and model what you see on the card. Easy?

Not when you’re scrabbling to outdo your opponent; when your team are bombarding you with bizarre guesses; when your hands are fumbling and stumbling and when the other lot have pinched your raw materials!

Rapidough’s the game that never ages: even if you’ve seen a card before, one person’s ‘fish’ is another person’s ‘Tower of London’. But with five hundred word cards in all, and the scope for teams as big as you like, this is one game with a lonnnnng shelf-life!

RRP £29.99. For 4+ players, aged 8 years old and up.

Rapidough Review

This game gets a big thumbs up for how very easy it is to set up and play. The rules are super easy to follow, and both my 6 year old and 9 year old could quickly understand what they needed to do the first time that we played this.

Rapidough contents

You just need to grab the mats and dough, and then take the prompt cards out of their cellophane. And then you are good to go, so get ready on those mats!

Rapidough set up

There are two teams, made up of as many players as you like. We have played this several times now as a family, but I can also see this one going down well as an all-adults game, it has hours of fun in it and loads of cards to play with.

Within each team, there is one maker and then everyone else is a ‘guesser’.

The maker looks at a card to see what they need to create, and then both teams are in play at the same time. Often they are making the same item, but there are then cards where it might mean that they are each creating completely different things.

The guessers can have as many guesses as they like, and the round only ends when the creation has been correctly guessed by one of the teams.

The creating part is so much fun. And so very entertaining when you are playing with your kids, as their minds work in such wonderful ways!

The object of the game is to be the team left with dough, as as soon as one team runs out of theirs, it is game over. If your team wins the round by guessing first, then you get to take some dough from the opposition. This is my kids’ favourite part of the whole game, getting to take a plug of dough from one another!

Rapidough plugs

Rapidough is a really easy game to set up and play, and the simplicity of it makes it a great game for everyone to play. Perfect for families or parties, this one will definitely make you laugh!

Competition Time

I now have two Rapidough games worth £29.99 (rrp) each up for grabs for two lucky winners. To be in with a chance of winning one, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am on the 10th December 2018. Good luck!

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What appeals to you about this game?

Disclosure: We received this game FOC for the purposes of this post

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113 thoughts on “Rapidough Review”

  1. My daughter is still play dough obsessed and this looks like such a fun game for all the family to get creative together!

  2. It looks good fun and and if like me you are useless at modelling things,I’m sure everyone would be laughing.

  3. My daughter is very creative and loves making thing. She especially likes the feel of putty dough (not too different to putty slime). Combined the two and this is the perfect game for her and the whole family. With Christmas just around the corner, this would make the perfect gift for her x

  4. Love this game its great fun trying to make the items and even more fun guessing what they are as they don’t usually look like whst they’re supposed to

  5. Sheila Shepheard

    I like the way it works on so many levels depending on the age of the players….imagine it with adults after a few gins!!!! Hilarious.

  6. I’ve not played this for years but last time I did it was with my 75 year old Grandad so it’s fab for all ages. My kids would love getting creative

  7. I love any excuse to be allowed to play with dough! I think this looks a great fun game for all the family and I imagine it could get quite competitive.

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