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I’d seen a few mentions of this Reading Eggs in magazines and on-line, so I decided to investigate further. I asked Twitter for a few opinions, and all came back in favour of it, and as they operate a 14 day free trial, I decided to give it a whirl.

reading eggsBoo is 3 (she’ll be 4 in October), and loves her books. She’ll sit ‘reading’ them for ages, and I can hear her reciting the words almost verbatim, it’s very sweet. She knows her alphabet, can recognise the letters, can write her name and numbers from 1-10 (playing hopscotch on a patio with a chalk grid will do that for you!), draws very competently and genuinely enjoys learning. She has a handful of those books that you get for preschoolers where they do little exercises and she loves sitting down to one of those. I’m telling you all of this, to set the scene, so to speak, on where Boo was at prior to Reading Eggs and to explain that she likes to learn and she wants to learn more. Someone told me that at this age they’re like little sponges, so I feel I’m doing my job by giving her things to soak up!

reading eggs booksAnyway, we did the trial, and she liked it – hooray! She likes playing games on the Cbeebies website, so was used to the PC and pretty much knew what to do. It is handy that we have a touch screen PC, as I’m not sure how good she’d be with a mouse. It can be quite repetitive, so that took her a little getting used to, and whereas she’s used to jumping around with different games, the lessons do follow a plan so she moves through them one at a time. She’s got that now, though, and will happily sit and do it. We also received 4 free books to accompany the on-line lessons, which was a special offer at the time as part of our subscription. They are giving her a chance to improve her writing skills, as there’s lots of tracing of letters.

A six month subscription is currently £29.95, and it’s £39.95 for a year, so we’re signed up for the year. She logs into it every couple of days for around 15-20 minutes, and though we’ve only just started, she can now recognise a couple of words, and is very pleased with herself when she tells people that she’s learning to read 🙂 Parents can log in and view progress reports, and they are also emailed to you. I think if you’re child is relatively comfortable with technology, it’s well worth registering for the free trial, and you can then decide whether you both like it, and whether you think your child is ready for it.

We’re happy with it anyway, and I should say that this is not a sponsored post, I’m simply sharing it with you because we like it.

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