Christmas decorations

Ready For Christmas

I think we’re there, I think we’re ready for Christmas. 

Gifts have been wrapped, cards have been written, food has been ordered and our house is looking festive. I think we’re all set. We’re watching Christmas films, wearing Christmas jumpers and playing Christmas music, we are all in!

I know this year won’t be the same. We can’t enjoy some of my favourite Christmas traditions, but it is what it is and we will do all we can to make new traditions and ensure the kids have fun. 

Boo and Little Man are as excited as ever for Christmas, and I will be doing all I can to keep it that way.

They loved getting the tree and decorations up, they are excited to see their elf every morning when they get up and open their Advent calendars and they are having fun with the celebrations at school. 

Christmas decorations

They have asked for very little this year, as far as presents go, so it’s been fun thinking up things to treat them with and I’m looking forward to seeing their faces when they receive their surprises on Christmas Day.

We won’t be doing many of the things that we traditionally do this year, so we will do all we can to savour and enjoy the rest of it, the smaller things that all add up. 

The Husband is hoping to be able to take time off over Christmas and I plan to as well. I want to slow right down and be present for every moment of it all. 

We have very little planned for the break, so I can see it being all about watching films, eating lots of treats, playing games and walks with Herbie. It will be a slow Christmas. And I do think the kids will love it that way.

They love playing with each other and they will have new things to enjoy whilst we’re at home. I think we will all completely unwind and I am optimistic that I will be able to read a few books while the kids are occupied with one another. 

Books, candles lit, festive treats to nibble on and nowhere that any of us need to rush to be. 

That’s going to be our Christmas, and I am ready for it.

How about you, are you ready for Christmas?


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2 thoughts on “Ready For Christmas”

  1. blank

    We’re all ready too. I finished the wrapping today and posted the last of the Christmas cards. I’ve done as much as I can until the food shopping is delivered.
    I can’t wait until my youngest finishes school on Friday and then we’ll be doing a lot of the same as you. Watching films, eating an playing games. x

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