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I’ve been tagged! Thanks to Sarah over at MyBeautifulThree, I’ve been asked to share with you three things that I’d put into Room 101.

You’ll probably know what Room 101 is, from either the book or the TV programme. In case you don’t, here’s a quote from Orwell’s 1984 to give you a feel for it:

‘You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world’

So this is a chance for me to put any of my pet hates and peeves into Room 101 and see them banished forever! With such finality in view, I’ve pondered this one for some time. It feels like a genie’s three wishes, but in reverse. I don’t want to miss something crucial out! So having cogitated and deliberated, here’s what I’ve come up with:

middle lane drivers1. Middle Lane Drivers

They make me so mad! Why, oh why, do they do it? Is it a simple lack of comprehension on how driving works? It is just ignorance? Are they that unaware of other drivers around them? I used to do a lot of motorway driving in my old job, and nothing would make me more irritable than this! They need to go into Room 101 as they are a danger to themselves and everyone around them, causing accidents and traffic build-up. I heard recently that they’re bringing in on the spot fines for careless driving like this, which is a relief. I don’t think it’ll put people off doing it, unless they’re actually pulled over, as I believe that they genuinely don’t know that what they’re doing is ridiculous. It’s the only logical explanation for them doing it in the first place.

2. Monopolymonopoly

I do realise that this may offend, but aah, it has to go! I’m a big fan of board games, and always have been. From Guess Who, Operation and Mousetrap (another possible contender with hindsight, 2 hours to set up, 2 minutes to play..!) when I was little, to my current favourites, Scrabble, Taboo,  Trivial Pursuit, Articulate, SmartAss, Bananagrams – I love them all! Except for Monopoly. I’m not certain that I’ve ever played it entirely correctly, and I’m certain that I’ve never played it, and finished it, within a three hour window. It’s a game that I’d forget how much it frustrated me, suggest it, and then remember about an hour in why we hadn’t played it for a while. That is, until a long night in France with the husband, my brother and his wife, exhausted yet still playing until the early hours, and we all swore then and there never to play again. So far we haven’t, and that was four years ago. I need it in Room 101 so that nostalgia doesn’t tempt me back to it and I lose another few hours of my life….

sick bug3. Sick Bugs

Up until having children, the husband and I were very rarely sick. Oh, how that has changed! Now, I can handle a cold, however evil it is, and we’ve made it through chicken pox, teething, slapped cheek, and a handful of viruses. But stomach flu..eugh. Boo’s still too young  to be able to make it to the bathroom that first time, so a vomit-covered bed and cuddly toys is always our first welcome to the world of the bug, and as it’s usually in her hair, she’s often dunked into the bath at midnight (why is it always at night?!) to get her cleaned up, between bouts of sickness. And so begins the endless shouts through the night, clean up jobs and loads of washing. She’ll then nag all the time for food and water when she gets up, when she shouldn’t have it, and I’ll be following her round all day with a sick bowl. Now, if this was the end of it, I’d manage, but of course it’s not. It’s then a question of when the rest of us will get it, and hoping that the husband and I don’t have it at the exact same time, as someone needs to take care of the kids. Boo started nursery in January, and we’ve had so much sickness in the house since then, so poor Little Man has suffered far more illnesses in his short life than his sister had done at his age. Sick bugs are debilitating (I had a nightmare trying to carry on breastfeeding through my last one), and totally pointless, so I’d love to see them forever banished.

I now tag these bloggers and ask them to share theirs, if they’d like to:

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So that’s mine – would you miss any of them if they disappeared forever into Room 101?

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  1. We once played Monopoly for 5 days in the Summer holidays…don’t think I’ve played it since! The only other board game that deserves to go into Room 101 is Risk – every time I’ve played it, people turn into world tyrants and I end up in frustrated tears…I’m 35!!

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