Rory’s Story Cubes – Review

For Boo’s birthday, I bought her a set of Rory’s Story Cubes, from The Toadstool. I’d read about them in a couple of my parenting magazines, and I really liked the concept. I hoped Boo would, too!


Now, it does say on the packaging that this is for ages 6 and above, and Boo was only turning 4, but I was still confident that we could play with them. Fortunately, I was right!

I’ll start off by saying that I like how small they are. Each cube is dice-sized and they come in that neat little box. They are the perfect size for just popping in your bag so you’ve always got something to entertain with if you’re out and about. A lot of her things are also quite large, so having a small addition to the playroom like this, always gets my thumbs-up!

The concept is very easy to grasp – you roll all of the cubes out and then put a story together with the images that you see. As Boo is so young, the story’s are not overly elaborate, but she enjoys using up every cube and linking it all together, and the tales she spins do have continuity and make sense. I see this as being a game that will really grow with her, as her vocabulary range expands and she can express her imagination more articulately. She does love her stories, and enjoys making them up with her dolls and toys, so this game takes that one step further and stretches her. She is also very artistic, so as well as using the cubes as they’re designed to be used, we’ve also used them to inspire some drawings.


They’re great fun, a fantastic way to explore new words and ideas, and I’d highly recommend them. Cannot praise them enough! They’re just under £10, so I think they would make a nice gift or stocking-filler.

What do you make of them?

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