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We recently bought some coloured sand, as part of my Viking review, and having not really experimented with it before, Boo and I were keen to test it out and have a play. I knew it could be fun as Boo is very creative and loves her art and crafts, but I confess, I hadn’t entirely thought through what we were actually going to do with it! So, I got Boo excited about doing something with it, made sure Little Man was having a nap (I’m not comfortable watching him throw and eat this!) and grabbed it. Fortunately, the ideas came to us then, so we got cracking. All we ended up needing were: Sand Art: Glue Crayons Paper Coloured Sand Scrap piece of paper/newspaper to pop underneath your art Initially, we used the glue to make wiggly lines and shapes on the paper, and then sprinkled sand over it, which elicited a few ‘wow’s!… sand art Then it occurred to me that we could draw a picture, then mark over the lines and drawings with glue, so that the sand would effectively colour it in. Boo wanted to do balloons, so she drew them, and then glued over the lines, and sprinkled… photo 1 (33) photo 2 (32) sand art balloons And as we now had it all figured out, we tried a few more things… sand art creations It was so much fun to do! It was something different for us to try, and Boo loved watching the sand run over the page and merge to make different colours and pretty patterns. Definitely something that we’ll be doing again soon, and as a bonus, it was very easy to tidy up – just pop a piece of paper underneath your art and it’ll collect any stray sand for you to pop in the bin. Have you done this? Any other sandy suggestions for us to try?

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34 thoughts on “Sand Art”

  1. That looks so much fun and I especially like the butterfly. I can’t wait until my monkey is older so I can be a little more creative with him. This will be stored in the creative memory banks! #letkidsbekids

  2. Amazing what you can get for littlies these days !! One of my most favourite things as a youngster was Fuzzy Felt. Not sure if that’s still around and Etch-A-Sketch which was one of my most highly anticipated presents one Christmas !!

    1. Oh, I loved Fuzzy Felts! My two have some, though I may be more interspersed in them than they are! And yes, Etch-A-Sketch is just brilliant!

  3. Grace says – This is such a great idea and the pictures are fab. I really must have a go at these.
    Lucas says – Sand? WOW!!!! I could get really messy with that, especially with the glue. The Mother’s gonna love this!!!!!
    Thanks for linking to ‘#minicreations

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