Santa’s Winter Wonderland at the Snowdome

Last night we enjoyed a very special evening. We were invited along to the preview event of Santa’s Winter Wonderland at the Snowdome in Tamworth. Having never been before, the children were very excited at the prospect of seeing Santa and his pals and playing in the snow, real snow! If you’re looking for a Christmas family experience in the Midlands, or if you have your eye on this one already, then read on and I’ll tell you all about it…

The Santa’s Winter Wonderland Experience

The Snowdome tell us that ‘The magical experience lasts approximately an hour and a half and all guests get the chance to play and slide around in the snow. Why not hitch a ride on a sledge or throw a snowball or two, whilst strolling through the festively decorated Christmas snow trail. There’s even a theatre within Santa’s Winter Wonderland where parents and kids alike can catch up with Santa and his friends in the brand new Santa show. Then it’s time to meet Santa’s real reindeer and many more of his furry friends in the animal village.’

Our Evening at Santa’s Winter Wonderland

I didn’t tell the kids that we were going until I picked them up from school yesterday, so when I did tell them, there were squeals! We got ourselves all bundled up ready to go, with wellies, hats, gloves and big winter coats and made the short journey to the Snowdome. I am glad that it was a short journey, as the kids were ready to burst!

On arrival in the foyer at the Snowdome, you can’t miss Santa’s Winter Wonderland as there’s a huge sign and a stairway tunnel to travel through to get to the experience. We descended into the depths of ice, snow and festive cheer and the fun began.

Santa’s Winter Wonderland consists of three elements, the free snow-play, the Santa Show and then meeting Santa’s animal friends. All last for around half an hour.

During the free snow play, you have access to a snow trail with lots of sledges available to use with hills and slides around it to go flying down on tubes. The track is decorated with Christmas trees and there are a few fun photo opportunities dotted around. Christmas music fills the air, along with plenty of squeals of laughter from the kids (and parents getting attacked by snowballs!).

Just as your toes are starting to get chilly, there’s an announcement that it’s time for Santa’s show. As you file in, the warmth of the room hits you and you thaw out comfortably, whilst laughing along with Santa and his friends.

After the show, you move on upstairs to meet Santa’s animal friends, and there are plenty to meet. From reindeer to piglets to rabbits and more, this is a lovely big area to enjoy close up animal encounters. There’s also a letter writing station so you can write a letter to Santa and post it in his magical post box.

Before leaving the experience, there’s a chance to get a family photo in a Christmas sleigh, and kids then receive a chocolate lollipop.

Our Thoughts on Santa’s Winter Wonderland

Though we’ve visited the Snowdome many times, this was out first time at Santa’s Winter Wonderland.

On the practicalities front, I’d recommend that you do wrap up and double up on those socks in your wellies (yes, my feet were cold!). Go for thick gloves so that the kids can build and throw snowballs without their fingers getting cold, and then hats and warm winter coats, and you’ll be all set. There are lots of staff members around if you need any help and there is access to toilets in there.

The kids absolutely loved it, and both of them tell me that their favourite part was the Santa show (especially Rudolph – you’ll have to see!). It’s not often that they get to play in real snow, so they made the most of that, and yes the Husband got hit with a fair few snowballs! During the final section, Boo made her way around stroking most of the animals, whilst Little Man took the time to write a letter to Santa, as he wants to ensure he gets that gift!

For me, I think that it’s hard to beat the free snow-play, as that really gave it a Christmassy feel. The Santa show was perfectly pitched for kids to enjoy and it was just the right length of time without my two getting fidgety. Then I loved meeting all of Santa’s furry friends, this area will definitely be a hit if you’ve a little animal-lover in your family.

Overall, we really enjoyed it, and despite it only being mid-November, we are all now feeling very festive!

You can see more of the experience here…

Santa’s Winter Wonderland runs from today until Monday 31st December, with Saver Tickets starting at £13.95, and Standard Tickets at £17.95, while children under two years old go free. There is also a £2 parking fee at the Snowdome.

What do you think? Would your family enjoy this?

Disclosure: We received entry FOC for the purposes of coverage

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4 thoughts on “Santa’s Winter Wonderland at the Snowdome”

  1. I think this will be our Christmas outing this year, we have looked at it a few times over the last few years and not made it but it does look amazing. It isn’t a bad price either for the amount of things to do.

    1. It’s quite different to anything we’ve done before, and I agree, it’s a good price for all that it includes. Have fun!

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