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I do like to shop around and get the best possible value for our money. I’m sure most people do. Which is why I was keen to test out Cavendish Online‘s comparison tool and see how their life assurance quotes compared.

We cut out many things when we moved to one income when Boo was born, but our life cover was not one of them. I used to sell it in my old role, and I’ve seen the difference that it can make for families in the direst of circumstances, for a fairly modest premium. So I shopped around, going to the big comparison sites that I’d imagine everybody knows. But it seems I missed a trick there, because Cavendish Online are confident that they’ll beat the quotes that they offer, so I gave it a go myself to find out whether this would be the case.

I put my details into Cavendish Online and two other big comparison sites, asking for a quote for £100,000 level term assurance over 25 years. Here are the results…..

life insurance quotes

That’s going to be quite a saving over 25 years! And not only would I say that basic life assurance is likely to be the same wherever you go anyway – you die within the term, it pays out that amount – but these are actually cheaper policies with the same companies. There are clearly savings to be made here, the only thing you don’t get is a new friend, but we have that covered….

There are comparison sites who send out mascots as incentives for using them. As you can see Cavendish Online does not do this, it concentrates on making the biggest savings that it can for it’s customers. So then with those savings, you could always make your own mascot! We decided to have a little crafty fun, so I got a pile of supplies in and invited the children to create their own mascots…

mascot crafting

They went for Soap Creatures, which is a favourite here, after we saw the idea over on Let Kids Be Kids. Simply pop a bar of soap onto a paper plate and microwave it for around 90 seconds. It  bubbles up and becomes almost like an oasis block, so nice and easy to decorate and add things to without needing glue.

Boo worked on a pink character with yellow hair, along with a tree to watch over the new additions, whilst Little Man opted for a more classic monster/alien style!

mascot crafting montageThey both had lots of fun doing this, so it’s not only more cost effective, but also more exciting!

I hadn’t heard of Cavendish Online before this collaboration, but I am glad that they got in touch, as I’ll now know who to use next time I have a need to.

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Cavendish Online

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