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It’s no secret that we like our books here. Reading is a huge passion of mine, and I enjoy seeing my children growing up with their books and enjoying them, too. I cannot imagine a single bedtime without reading to them, as well as the books that we enjoy during the day in rare moments of downtime. Boo and I read chapter books, along with picture books now, which is opening up a new world for her, and reminding me so much of my childhood, too. I’ve eagerly visited my mum’s loft and unearthed a load of my old books, so we now have so many Enid Blyton books to to be getting going with, too! And on my recent visit to Hay, I stood perusing these shelves for ages, picking out a few for Boo, as they were all bargains that I just could not resist!

Hay on Wye 3

Books and reading are integral to a childhood, I believe, and so when the Scottish Book Trust got in touch with me, giving details of their work, I was happy to share it, especially as I hadn’t realised that their tour runs throughout England, too.

The Scottish Book Trust is Scotland’s leading agency for the promotion of literature, reading and writing. The organisation works with writers, children, teachers, librarians and readers from all backgrounds to spread a love of books and reading.

To support the Book Trust, Scottish Friendly has been running a book tour for the last 14 years. The book tour takes the very best UK and international authors directly into schools across Scotland and England to inspire a love of reading, writing and illustration and reaches on average 6,000 children every year. You can find out more about the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour here.

I don’t recall having authors come in to my school when I was younger, and I’m sure I would remember if it had happened – I’ve been a bookworm my entire life, so something like that would have stuck with me. I love the accessibility this gives to children, as it can only further ignite and bring to life a passion for reading in young minds. I do hope my kids get to experience things like this when they start school, as I know they’d love it.

What about you? Have your children met any authors, or have you?

Disclosure: I was compensated for writing this post, though opinions remain my own.

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10 thoughts on “Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour”

  1. I was so lucky to work for a company called Book Data for seven years Jocelyn – a middle man, if you will, between book sellers and publishers – taking in book marketing info in various guises and formatting it all onto CDs (live streaming nowadays probably) which booksellers would buy for their stock and ordering systems. The original work wasn’t massively exciting for me as I was stuck with academic publishers unfortunately, but then I got the opportunity to write and edit a microsite on Children’s books just as the internet was coming into its own. This meant that I got to meet and interview several authors and attend the awards ceremony a few years running for The Smarties Book Prize (most memorably standing next to JK Rowling back at Harry Potter No.2!) and I also attended amazing book launches at The Groucho Club in Soho (Louise Rennison’s Angus, Thongs & Full Frontal Snogging which was later made into a film), Upstairs at The Ivy (Louise Rennison again – she was a bit of a Luvvie!), and I attended the 60 Years of Puffin party at the Kensington Roof Gardens where there were loads of authors too! The company also laid on talks for all its staff by Philip Pullman (who was lovely and signed my copy of The Amber Spyglass) and Sarah Waters, of Tipping the Velvet fame! Good times for sure! 🙂

  2. I think reading is so important – mind my 6 year old keeps trying to read things I would rather he wouldn’t – like machines in the men’s toilets! This sounds like a great idea.

  3. My daughter met Mo O’Hara of Zombie Goldfish fame-she really enjoyed that experience. I think author tours are fantastic. I remember meeting many authors as my Dad was a senior manager for Hudson’s and I was allowed to meet people like Roger Hargreaves. Oh yes, and Noel Edmonds and Tom Baker too. And obviously I’m going to support the Scottish Book Trust 🙂

    1. You’ve met all the stars! Author tours are brilliant, and I do hope my pair experience them. And yes, you would be keen 😉

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