Send A Postcard!

Sending a postcard out to someone is such a simple and fun way to get involved in happy mail. It eases you in gently.

A postcard is short, it’s fun, it’s a great intro, it doesn’t take long to write and it always brightens up a mailbox. 

Send a postcard. Today. Have some fun with it. 

I get lots of messages about happy mail and pen pals, so I know that people love the idea of sending old fashioned snail mail in our digital world. I also know that many people worry they won’t be able to commit, they’re not sure what to write, they don’t know how to start it, and so on. For those of you in this boat, I say dip your toe in with a postcard. 

Writing a postcard can be less daunting than writing a letter. You’ll easily be able to fill that card with a little chatter.


Postcards take less time to write than a letter. And by their very nature, you don’t have to think about prettying up an envelope too. That said, I sometimes put mine in envelopes! It’s so I can add enclosures, so a postcard in an envelope is always an option. Do whatever suits you best. 

Choosing the postcard to send is always fun. There are so many types to choose from, perhaps a motivational quote, a photo of your own city, a cute animal, a funny drawing, or you could make one yourself. There are loads of options!

Then you get to write it and you can keep this one super simple and short. 

Or maybe you’ll want to get a bit creative with it and you can add some stickers and washi tape to the postcard, or perhaps use stampers, doodles or brightly coloured pens. 

Go with whatever you’re in the mood for. When you’re sending happy mail, it’s all about feeling happy when you put it together so go with whatever makes you smile and relax. 

Who to send that postcard to?

You could sign up for Postcrossing, and give it a go there. You can mail all over the world, it’s a fun way to connect.

Pop over to our Bring Back Paper Facebook group and you can either look for a pen pal there and start with a postcard or simply say you’re looking to send or exchange a postcard. There’s always likely to be someone there happy to get involved. 

I do also run postcard mailings here a few times a year too so be sure to sign up for the BBP Club newsletter and you’ll always see the monthly activities that way. 

Or just send a postcard out to a friend or family member. Happy mail isn’t just for pen pals! Everyone loves to receive a postcard, and it needn’t be for a specific reason. ‘Just because’ seems enough of a reason to me to send a smile through the post like this, don’t you think? 

What do you think? Will you be sending a postcard out today?

If you’re new to Bring Back Paper, you can find out more about it all here. You can join our Facebook group here and you can sign up to join my mailing list below, for all the latest news, updates, ideas and activities.


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