Sending Christmas Snail Mail

If ever there was a time to be sending snail mail, it’s at Christmas. More post gets sent out now, as many of us send cards out to friends and family, along with any normal letters to pen pals. I love it!

It’s an opportunity to send smiles through the post, so I have been buying a few things to pretty up my Christmas mail to pen pals, which is fun for me to do and hopefully the recipients will enjoy receiving them.

Sending Christmas Snail Mail

Christmas Snail Mail

I bought these from Amazon last week, Christmas Stickers and Christmas Table Confetti and they are proving to be perfect for making my snail mail all Christmassy. I’d also suggest decorating with seasonal washi tape and writing with sparkly pens (it’s a given, right?). I love using these Gelly Roll Stardust Pens as they write so smoothly. I also have in my papery stash some star stickers, and I like the idea of using silver and gold stamps.

I have only written one festive missive so far, and it will be winging its way overseas shortly. For this one I went for pretty paper, from one of my many, many letter sets, but there are also loads of free Christmas writing paper downloads available if you’d like to get your paper themed. I have also created this rather lovely gingerbread and hot chocolate writing paper here on the blog, completely free to download.

It can then be fun to pop a few festive treats into the envelope along with your letter. Here are a few suggestions:

Christmas Envelope Stuffers

Hot chocolate sachet
Spiced Tea
Christmas table decorations
Christmas post cards
Festive stickers
Christmas tree decoration
Christmas colouring pages
Christmas-themed mail tag (not sure what a mail tag is? Here you go!)

If you don’t normally send happy mail and have no pen pals, you can still have a little fun with Christmas post. If you’re sending a card anyway, why not pop in a chatty note, an envelope stuffer or just pretty up that envelope with stickers and washi?

Will you be sending some Christmas snail mail?

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10 thoughts on “Sending Christmas Snail Mail”

  1. Ooh what a lovely festive post, J. Definitely printing some writing paper so watch your post box. Ha ha!! I have confetti for my Halloween decorations and I remember we put some wedding style pieces in our invitations and that was 12 years ago.

    1. I’ll look forward to it! Ah, that sounds lovely. The kids used some of the confetti in their letters to Santa this week, which they loved.

  2. They look great!

    I’m a bit behind on my snail mail at the moment, but I intend on doing some catching up this week. When I was down in London a few weeks ago, I treated myself to a “snail mail” rubber stamp and purple ink pad 🙂

  3. I’m so behind on writing my penpals but am a dedicated Christmas card sender. I will put extra love in theirs so I am not forgotten or chucked away. ☺️

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