Siblings April 2018

These two have absolutely loved the Easter holidays.

We’ve not got up to much, it’s been a nice mix of catching up with friends and family, a few trips out and then lots of time playing and relaxing at home. They have enjoyed it all, whether they be playing ‘Peter Pan’ in the garden, exploring the Sea Life Centre, colouring side by side or snuggled up for a movie night, they have been happy.

They’ve had a couple of sleepovers, once at my mum’s house and then once here as they shared a bedroom. They love doing this, and they are surprisingly good at going to sleep, though they wake up way too early!

There have also been a lot of board games this holiday, which has been good to see as I have long loved a good board game. They were my go-to toy when I was younger and I still buy them these days for me, let alone the kids! Current favourites are Frozen Monopoly, Disney’s Guess the Film, Uno, Dobble and Frustration. They do get raucous, there are the odd moments that I need to referee (Little Man isn’t keen on being sent back to the start in Frustration!), but on the whole, they play well together. I think there’s a lot to be learned from playing games like this, and I do want my two to be gracious in defeat, along with developing a healthy competitiveness. It’s going well so far!

I snapped these photos whilst they were messing around in Boo’s bedroom, chatting away in their own little world. I fear I may have caught them at a time when they could not keep a straight face for more than two seconds….

Boo aged 8 years and 6 months, Little Man aged 5 years and 7 months. Love them.

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