Siblings April 2020

This is our first Siblings lockdown post. Will it be the last? I doubt it. These two have actually been handling lockdown quite well so far, so I’m hoping that continues.

The day that the schools closed was sad for them. Little Man was upset about not being able to see his best friend for some time and Boo was anxious about the changes and missing her friends too. But they adjusted quickly and they have been quite content together each day. Don’t get me wrong, they still miss their friends and are looking forward to the day that their school opens back up again and they can go and see the rest of our family, but they are happy enough from day to day.

They have taken to homeschool quite well and they support one another with their work. Beyond home education, they have been playing with each other as normal. Never have I been more grateful for the fact that my two get on well together than in lockdown. There is a lot of imaginary play, board games, video gaming, play with toys and fun in the garden. Little Man is really into his football now and the dry sunny days have been perfect for him to get out their every day, often luring Boo to play with him. She’s not such a fan, but she indulges him…sometimes! We have been having movie afternoons (thank you, well-timed Disney+ launch), they have had sleepovers with each other and they’ve helped me with baking and meal prep. They are close, they appreciate that they have one another.

They are aware of why we are locked down. They understand and know that we must play our part in staying home and staying away from our family and friends. They know that people are getting very ill and some are dying, they know that life is far from normal out there. But I think that they are handling it all well and are as comfortable at home as they can be. I guess that only time will tell how they look back on these strange times when they are older. In the meantime, I can only do all that I can to ensure that they feel safe, loved and happy each day.

Here they are, on one of our many, many lounging around at home days, seemingly endless days..

Boo aged 10 years and 6 months old, Little Man aged 7 years and 7 months old. Love them.

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