Siblings – April

These last few weeks have seen Boo and Little Man grow even closer. I wrote recently about Little Man forgiving her, in a really touching display of sibling love.

Though Boo still sees herself as the nurturer and smarter of the pair!, she is coming to appreciate that Little Man can now instigate play and games, too, so he’s started to take the lead occasionally. This was especially apparent on our holiday, when they played games together and were enjoying riotous laughter in the back of the car – very sweet to hear and see!

Here they are over the last few weeks…

siblings april




They are so content in each other’s company. They love just being together. I’m so proud of them.

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50 thoughts on “Siblings – April”

  1. They are really starting to look alike in that last one. WOW stunning. All great photos of them together. Looks like they are so close. I love the one where they are coloring next to each other. Can’t wait till my two can do that too. So sweet. #siblings.

  2. These photos are all so lovely, and really show their relationship. I think it’s sweet that your little boy is getting to have more of a lead in things as he grows, my little girl is trying to assert her authority a bit more during play, and her big bro is finding it a bit strange at the mo. x

    1. It’s nice to watch him come into his own a bit more in the relationship, and of course, he’s not at the ‘sharing’ stage yet, so shouts at his sister a lot!

  3. That is gorgeous. I might try taking more snap shots like this. I agree, its wonderful watching their relationship develop. By the way, where did you get that car jacket from in the top photo-I have a little boy who would love that 🙂

  4. Aww they’re all gorgeous photos but that last one especially is just stunning! Thats so sweet that they’re starting to play together, and be all secretive together too, I remember plotting audacious plans with my sister as a wonderful way to pass the time!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos.
    It’s wonderful to watch relationships develop, boundaries being established, and personalities thrive.
    Of course, for me, never quite as I predict!

  6. You really have gorgeous children. I can’t wait for that time when my two can start to play together. I’m seeing hints of it at the moment but no actual play x

    1. Thank you so much. I think so, but confess I’m a bit biased! I love watching them play together, and they adore it, too x

  7. I love the fact that your two are always so happy together – it doesn’t look like they ever have any fights at all! It is beautiful to watch the growing relationship at this age isn’t it? The younger ones are really coming into their own and it gives them more appeal as a companion I think. X

    1. Yes, I definitely see that. Boo has fun getting him to play with her now so their relationship is strengthening. I can honestly say that they do really get on! Of course, there are the brief outbursts where one can’t get their own way over the other, but they blow over in seconds and they’re back to giggling again!

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