Siblings August 2016

This month’s look at my pair of siblings feels a bit different to normal. August is a special month as it’s the only one all year that they have each other 24/7. And they love having each other 24/7. Yes, there are the little squabbles, most often over things like movie choices or who gets to sit where for lunch. There are no big arguments, and the little ones are always resolved within a matter of minutes. I know I am fortunate that they get on so well, that the summer holidays are easy for me. I honestly think that as long as they receive food at regular intervals, I could disappear and leave them to it!

This month has seen their imaginations turn them into superheroes, visit Hogwarts, play schools and go on school trips and go to dance school with Yoda. I love listening in on these sessions, trying not to intrude and distract them from their fun. They’ve been out on adventures together, played endlessly in the garden and had plenty of play dates. But I think my favourite times have been first thing in the morning. Knowing that they needn’t rush to get ready, knowing that they aren’t going to be separated, makes for lovely, lazy mornings. Yes, we’re all still up and about by 7am, but after breakfast there’s no rush and they’ve formed a habit of gravitating into the living room and watching a film first thing, snuggling up together. I love seeing them like that.

Here they are, the little twosome this month….

Siblings August 16

Siblings August 16 1

siblings august 16 2

Siblings August 16 3

Boo aged 6 years and 10 months, Little Man aged 3 years and 11 months. Love them.

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  1. So lovely that they have the regular snuggly time. E doesn’t quite want to sit yet so their snuggly times are a bit all over the place but it’s so nice to watch those moments together.

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