Siblings August 2017

My kids are like two peas in a pod in so many ways as they are so very close to one another and seem to operate on the same wave length, inhabiting their own little world. Then in other respects, they are like chalk and cheese.

Since last month’s Siblings post, my Little Man has left nursery. When Boo left she was upset in the run up to it and on the day itself, we had to carry her out as she was crying so much, worried about how much she’d miss everyone. Little Man? Not a backward glance, barely a goodbye!

I remember going to buy Boo’s very first school uniform, she was so desperate to go and get it all and try it all on. We went to buy Little Man’s a couple of weeks ago and he moaned the whole time about having to do it and has no interest whatsoever in putting it on!

Both of the children have birthdays coming up so I’ve started to plan them and get a few gifts in. Little Man has a list of over a dozen items so far that he ‘really needs’, whereas Boo has struggled to think up three things, and one of those is a new pair of slippers, bless her! I think Little Man’s list totals around £300, Boo’s is £30. Don’t worry, we will balance it out for them!

Each morning of the holidays, Boo wants to talk about who we’ll see that day, what adventures we will have, where we can go. Little Man wants to stay home, preferably squeezing some Playstation time in, reluctant to leave the house and his toys behind. My sociable extrovert, full of energy and excitement over any adventure and my quiet introvert, content in his own company and needing little from me apart from lots of cuddles each day.

As I say, chalk and cheese.

Yet they get on so well and are absolutely loving the summer holidays so far as they’re able to spend every single day together, giggling and playing from morning until night. It’s definitely when they are at their happiest.

This month’s photos were taken at the beautiful Charlecote Park.

Boo aged 7 years and 10 months, Little Man aged 4 years and 11 months. Love them.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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6 thoughts on “Siblings August 2017”

  1. What a beautiful place for your siblings photo. Love the one of Boo and Little Man cuddling. So interesting to read about their different approaches to things – as you say, they might be chalk and cheese but it’s clearly that they adore each other 🙂 #siblingsproject

  2. I love national trust places they are so beautiful. I need to do more of them near me wish this one was close sadly it’s like five hours away. But looks so awesome and what a fun family day out too. Lovely snaps of your siblings. #siblingsproject

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