Siblings August 2019

We are now into the full swing of the summer holidays, which means that Boo and Little Man are as thick as thieves. Their days revolve around playing with one another, giggling together and lying around all limbs entangled together.

We’ve not been away this break and we don’t plan to. You’d think that would make it seem like a long summer, but not at all, the days are flying by. We have had some lovely days out, then some fun days at home. We have caught up with lots of friends and we still have a few more treats planned in for the rest of the holidays. I have been working throughout, but those hours that I’m at my desk don’t bother these two at all. They just disappear and amuse themselves. So far I have seen den building, swashbuckling pirates, superheroes saving the day and cuddly toys taking over the house. They have also been reading, playing video games, crafting, watching films and holding dance parties. They are now at that age where I appear to be surplus to requirements! As long as I feed them at regular intervals, they are content.

There have been those moments where they scream or strop at one another. I wouldn’t want you to imagine that they are both endlessly patient with each other, they have their moments like all siblings. But I can honestly say that they are few and far between and they are brief. I sometimes intervene, I sometimes leave them to it. To be honest, I am more likely to get involved and separate them when they are too tight, too close, as then they can get louder and crazier and it just needs to calm down at times! But overall, the break is going well and these two are enjoying themselves together.

I took these photos on a recent outing to the beautiful Shugborough Estate…

Boo aged 9 years and 10 months old, Little Man aged 6 years and 11 months old. Love them.

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2 thoughts on “Siblings August 2019”

  1. Your little duo are looking so grown up now. I love how they still have that lovely close bond and that they entertain each other so very well. It sounds like you are having a lovely summer. It does feel like the holidays are flying by. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer break x

    1. They are, time needs to slow down! They are very close, it’s lovely to watch them playing together. Thank you, and you x

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