Siblings August 2020

Another month, another siblings update. Here we are in mid-August and it seems strange to think that I’ve had these two as my constant companions for almost five months now and only have a couple of more weeks with them around all day, if all goes well with schools reopening. Whilst I’m looking forward to them getting back to school as they have missed their friends and the routines, I feel like I suddenly need to cram loads of fun stuff and cuddles into the next two or three weeks to really ensure we’re making the most of the time!

The kids have actually seen a few of their friends over recent weeks, so they haven’t been solely reliant on one another for company. It’s been lovely to see them catching up with the people that they have missed and it’s been good to see that they remain close even with others around. For most of their time, they are content to be together. They play Minecraft, and spend a lot of time talking about Minecraft, they walk Herbie, they play games together, they read quietly curled up together and they make up their own worlds together. If there is a clash, it’s usually over something screen related, so of course, they then just have to turn off the screen!

The thing that does strike me, especially when I look at this month’s photos, is how quickly they seem to be growing up. Little Man is shooting up, and he has always been tall anyway. He’s gaining on his sister and she’s fairly tall too. And then Boo is losing her baby-face and is becoming more and more tween every day. I just hope that as they grow, they continue to be so close to one another, there’s something special about a sibling bond.

These photos were taken at Kenilworth Castle a couple of weeks ago…

Boo aged 10 years and 10 months old, Little Man aged 7 years and 11 months old. Love them.

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