Siblings December 2015

Wow another month has flown by. It’s been a time of excitement, with the countdown to Christmas now in full swing. The kids have been fortunate enough to go to meet Santa at two events, at Drayton Manor and at the National Forest Adventure Farm. I find Christmas to be a time of reflection and a time to look back on the last few years with the kids. It’s easy to see how much they’ve grown up from one Christmas to the next and how close they are to one another. With Little Man now 3, this feels like the best one so far as both children have an understanding of what the build up’s all about and they love chatting about it together, finding Marty our elf together every morning and Boo helps Little Man with his advent calendar daily. I am so looking forward to seeing their little faces on the big day itself.

For this month’s pictures, it only seems right that they be festive photos, so here they are, my two this month…

Siblings December 2015

Siblings December 20151

Siblings December 20152

And I know that this is a photo project, not a vlogging thing, but I also wanted to include this little video that we made for a recent Star Wars post as is just shows off their sibling relationship, with Boo reading to her brother and him actually paying attention, too. Naturally it ends with playing…

My two, Boo aged 6 and 2 months, Little Man aged 3 and 3 months. Love them.

dear beautiful

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8 thoughts on “Siblings December 2015”

  1. These are lovely photos. Christmas really is a time for reflection. It’s amazing to see how they change over the year and Christmas seems like the best time to see that change.

  2. Pictures like this make me hope we can turn our family of three into a family of four sometime soon. I have one sister and can’t imagine growing up without a sibling – there’s no relationship quite like it, is there? Lovely to see your two enjoying the lead up to Christmas together.

    1. There’s definitely nothing quite like it. I have a little brother and we are close so I’m so happy to see my two have each other, too.

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