Siblings December 2016

Ah, December is here and with it comes over-excitement, anticipation and endless questions. When will it be Christmas? How does Santa do that? What shall we feed the reindeer? How does the elf work? What will we do on Christmas day? – this last question has been answered many, many times, but they do not tire of hearing the answer!

I do love Advent and the countdown to Christmas, and we’ve been fully indulging in our fair share of Christmas movies, songs, meeting Santa, looking at beautiful lights and catching up with friends and family. And the kids? They are so close, I have adored listening to them chatting about it all. Their imaginary play this month has mostly revolved around The Nightmare Before Christmas which has really captured Little Man’s imagination. Boo was rehearsing her Christmas carols ready for the performance last week and Little Man was so keen to go to and see his big sister sing. They talk about Santa a lot and are desperate to rush downstairs every morning to see where their elf has moved to over night and to open up their Advent calendars. When they did go and meet Santa, Boo ensured that she helped Little Man explain exactly which gift he wanted, before telling him what she wanted. They are happy together, the dynamics remain the same as always, they just seem even louder and even more crazy!

I took this month’s photos at The Mailbox in Birmingham. We were on our way to see Santa, so the kids were very happy and excited. Which I think explains why Little Man is as he is on each one. Or maybe that is just standard Little Man!




Boo aged 7 years and 2 months, Little Man aged 4 years and 3 months. Love them.

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12 thoughts on “Siblings December 2016”

  1. So sweet. You can really see the bond between them. It’s usually all out love or war though isn’t it? My two are only 20 months apart so we got from peace to chaos in minutes.

  2. So lovely to hear how great a big sister Boo is and lovely to hear about their joint excitement over Christmas, LM still doesn’t really get it this year so it’s only Monkey really in our house. Looking forward to years to come where they are both in on the excitement! Xx

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