Siblings December 2017

Ah, the excitement levels in our house right now! And we still have over a week left at school as my two break up on the 22nd. Christmas is such a special time, and of course children get excited by it all. With my two, as one is excited, then the other gets more excited, which makes the other more excited, and so it goes on. You’re picturing the noise and energy in my house now, aren’t you? I suspect it’s replicated in many households world over!

Little Man performed in his nativity play last week, much to his big sister’s delight. She knew his line before he did and helped him to remember it, and then loved hearing all about it and watching the videos I took. Today the school is off to the pantomime. They all go, every child from Reception through to Year 6, a lovely annual tradition. Boo cannot wait for Little Man to experience his very first coach trip with his class and the joys of the panto. It’s things like this, the shared school experiences, that they love chatting about and is something that only siblings can share. I have no clue what happens at school half the time, but they have their little chats about things that are going on and it’s lovely to hear them so excited and clearly happy at school.

That said, they are more than ready for school to finish, ready for the rest. We had a bonus two days off this week due to the snow, which gave us a glimpse of our holiday. They are in full on Christmas mode already, watching Christmas films over breakfast each day, so it will be lovely to be able to leave them to it and not have to hurry them out of the door on the school run for a couple of weeks. My two really are at their happiest when they can spend time with one another from morning until night, so we are set to have a great couple of weeks off. Can’t wait!

This month’s photos were taken at the beautiful Warwick Castle. It’s a favourite day out for us, so we knew we’d have to get one more visit in before the end of the year and we all absolutely loved seeing the castle bedecked in all of its festive glory. The kids also enjoyed the Horrible Histories maze, and I feel that Boo showed appropriate remorse for being put in the stocks, whereas Little Man…

Boo aged 8 years and 2 months, Little Man aged 5 years and 2 months. Love them.

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