Siblings December 2018

These two have been so very close over the last month. They have wanted to be with each other all the time and are having happy chats about Christmas. The countdown to Christmas is on and they CANNOT WAIT, apparently!

The latest development here is that Little Man is now reading chapter books to himself, and so he has now started to read to himself each evening at bedtime. Boo’s been doing this for a few years, so he is delighted to now be like the rest of us, reading his own book before he turns his light out. As we do with Boo, we still read him a story first, but then he proudly picks up his book and finds his page and settles down. But it’s not just been me that’s been proud to see this, Boo has loved it, too. She does the proud big sister thing very well and heaps the praise on which has him beaming. She has also had a book clear-out this month, and passed plenty of books on to Little Man, much to his delight. She likes to gift him things, and he likes to receive things – the partnership works well!

I can only see the excitement growing here, it’s really the only way it can go until the 25th, isn’t it? As such, I am expecting to see lots of grins, hear lots of giggles, and do my very best to attempt to bring back an air of calm to the household – I know, I know, I will fail!

Here they are this month, on their way to school…

Boo aged 9 years and two months, Little Man aged 6 years and 3 months. Love them.

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