Siblings December 2019

Here we are, our last siblings post of 2019. The year has flown by, and as I seem to be getting old, they do go faster every single year!

This is the busy month, the month when the kids are the most excited along with being the most tired. They have so much going on at school, from pantos to carol concerts to Christmas jumper days to parties, and then there’s the endless excitement of bringing home lots of Christmas cards every evening. It is all go! At home, they are getting up early every day desperate to see where our elf is and to open their Advent calendars, which is doing nothing to stop the tiredness. And, of course, our weekends are quite busy now, there is no slowing down and yet all I want to do is slow down and watch ALL the Christmas films!

When there is this much excitement and this much tiredness, it really can go either way with these two. Generally speaking, their excitement drives them closer together and they get more and more energetic and loud. From time to time, though, the tiredness causes Boo to be irritable and Little Man is prone to being more emotional. Easy to parent, I just cuddle them and separate them for ten minutes and all is solved! They are both looking forward to the Christmas break and they’ve both loved choosing gifts for one another. We have one more week of school to go here then the fun can really begin and they will be inseparable.

Here are Boo and Little Man this month…

Boo aged 10 years and 2 months old, Little Man aged 7 years and 3 months old. Love them.

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