Siblings December

My two seem to get wilder and crazier each month. Probably because Little Man is growing up and can better articulate his thoughts and feelings and can play more imaginatively with Boo, and with Boo now at school, they have to make up for lost time together. Of course, at the moment, there is also much excitement in the household due to Santa’s upcoming visit so their normally high level of activity and noise has been takenย to a whole other level!

One of their current favourite things to do together is lay a throw out on the living room floor (I don’t know why the throw is necessary, but it definitely is if I ask!) and practice their forward rolls. They do this over and over, never with any mind to each other, so they crash into each other repeatedly, which is clearly hysterical judging by the giggles I hear! So I decided to snap them mid-session, where they were actually wearing their PJs, a rare thing as they normally have to be stripped down to their underwear for this task (again, I don’t know why, but I’m told that’s the way it is)….

siblings december

siblings december1

siblings december2

siblings december3

As you can see, they weren’t really up for posing for photos, instead finding it funny to provoke each other into laughter. That’s the way it normally is here, so the photos do tell their sibling story.

dear beautiful

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32 thoughts on “Siblings December”

  1. Love the first shot – their eyes are amazing! I’ve been discovering our throw on the sitting room floor recently but I’m going to have to do some secret spying to work out what my two are up to!

  2. These are wonderful photos – really capture the fun that Boo and Little Man have together and their bond. I love the photo where they are looking at each other with a sparkle of mischief in both pairs of eyes and the shared smiles. Just gorgeous.

  3. Your two are absolutely adorable. Love the photos too! They sound like they are two peas in a pond. Great sibling dynamics. I couldn’t imagine my childhood without my siblings. Add something extra to the family. Love seeing everyones round up of the whole year too. Cant believe it’s December can you? #siblings

  4. Oh those are adorable photos, and I love the sound of the lounge floor gymnastics! They look like they have such a wonderful bond, especially in the shots where they’re trying to make each other giggle!

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