Siblings February 2015

My two are very different characters. In Boo, I see more of myself, though with the addition of boundless energy. In Little Man, I see more of the Husband. He is quieter, more reflective, but always with that streak of mischief. But when they’re together, their differences are put aside and they act as one unit. They are all laughs, smiles and trouble!

A few of their favourite joint endeavours this month include tearing around the house on their scooters, dancing the Hokey Cokey in the kitchen, being chased by a remote control truck (ably operated by the Husband, as I’m useless at it!) and painting, there’s been so much painting this month! And then there’s the park, that’s always a big hit with them, which is why I chose to take this month’s photos there…

I love this shot, with Little Man’s hat all skew-whiff, as there’s something about the way that Boo’s holding him tenderly that makes me smile.

siblings february

siblings february1

siblings february2

And this, possibly the best capture of all. Boo looks so happy giving a thumbs up, and then there’s Little Man, about one second before he sneezes!

siblings february3

I give you Little Man and Boo, at 30 months and 5 years 4 months. I do love those cheeky faces!

dear beautiful

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    1. My son is quite tall, and they are so close, maybe that’s it?! Oh, I do look forward to seeing them grow closer over time x

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