Siblings February 2018

A new tradition has started in our house. Apparently, every Sunday is now Disney Day! The kids decided this two to three weeks ago, when we got our Disney World holiday countdown up and running. They tell me that as it is now this year that we are going, they need to have a Disney Day every weekend to prepare for it. A Disney Day tends to involve watching at least one Disney film, playing Disney music and dancing round to it, colouring in Disney colouring books, playing Disney board games and getting their vast number of Disney toys and cuddly toys out to play with. From Tsum Tsums to the Millenium Falcon, they all make an appearance. Oh, and then there’s the dressing up. Goes without saying, right?

My favourite thing about Disney Day is that they created it together, two siblings giggling and plotting, whilst toys take over the house. They adore it, they play together non-stop all day, and they are so excited by it. And if they are this excited about playing Disney on a cold Sunday in Brum, several weeks away from our holiday, I can’t help but wonder what those excitement levels will be like when we are actually there in May?!

Boo aged 8 years and 4 months old, Little Man 5 years and 5 months old. Love them.

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