Siblings January 2015

I joined in with the Siblings project throughout 2014, and I really love being able to look back and see their cheeky faces and read about how Little Man and Boo’s relationship has grown and developed, so I’ll be doing the same each month again this year.

These are two of my favourite shots of them together over the last couple of weeks…

siblings january

siblings january1

Not the best of photos, you can’t see their faces, and the first is blurry. I know, but I’ve chosen them because of what they say about my children this month.

The first makes me laugh when I look at it. They love it when I get a roll of lining paper out for them to scrawl all over, and it’s sweet to see them contentedly sitting side by side and quietly working. It’s one of the rare activities that will keep both of their attention for quite some time. Though Boo’s skills are clearly stronger, they’re on an equal footing here, as they can both do what they like. In this shot, I’d just laid out a fresh piece, and told them that they each had the half they were sitting in front of. Boo set to work practising letters, in that small little space there, whereas Little Man immediately wanted to claim his entire workspace by drawing huge circles and long lines all over it! Made me smile to see how differently they operate.

In theΒ second, they’re peering out of our bedroom window, as they often do when they’re up together in the morning. I find it cute to look at, but it also puts me in mind of their morning play sessions, full of imagination, make believe and chatter. It’s lovely to listen to, even when I don’t want to be awake!

And here they are, at least one moment where I have them looking at the camera! I love that they’re holding hands, too.

siblings january2

The last few weeks have of course included the Christmas break, which has meant two weeks of these two playing with each other all day every day and they have absolutely loved it. Back to normality now, and Boo’s been happy to go back to school and Little Man’s been content having Mummy back to himself again. They create their havoc from 3.30, so they still have that!

dear beautiful

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40 thoughts on “Siblings January 2015”

  1. blank

    I love the last one, and those jumpers are so cute! Yes, I really enjoy listening to my two chatting and playing first thing in the morning when we’re all relaxed and don’t have to be getting ready for school. Even if it is ridiculously early πŸ™‚

  2. blank

    Oh I love the picture of them peeking out of the curtains – there’s something so timeless about it and so sweet! I’m really glad you enjoyed 2014’s Siblings – yay for a whole new year!!

  3. blank

    I think quirky and off the moment shots are often the best as they really can catch them in midst of activities they’re enjoying – and let their personalities then shine – rather than just a pose. And the feet under the curtains just tells a story in itself!

  4. blank

    That last picture is adorable. I thought that it couldn’t get any cuter and then I noticed that they are holding hands! What sweet children they are. And those jumpers? Bloomin’ fabulous.

  5. blank

    These photos are sweet. I think I may have to get myself a roll of lining paper, seems like a great idea rather than always using printer paper and never having any in the printer when we need. So lovely imagining them bantering with each other peeking out of the curtains. πŸ™‚ #siblings

  6. blank

    Aw what gorgeous photos – love the way they are both so engrossed in their own drawings in the first one – together yet independent, the way they look like they are plotting mischief together behind the curtain in the second one and the way they are holding hands in the last one. Beautiful moments captured.

  7. blank

    I love the picture of them peeping out of the window! I’ve caught Ben and Chloe doing that on several occasions – in fact my neighbours across the back have often told me they wave at each other! Perhaps I’m bringing up a pair of spies!
    That last picture is just so precious with the little hand hold – gorgeous!

  8. blank

    Awww, love these, so sweet. And I love that in that drawing one she is busy writing very daintily, while he was done a great big scribbly picture; just shows the chalk and cheese you often get between siblings.
    So glad to have you joining in again this year. x

    1. blank

      Thank you, Lucy. I love seeing their little personalities like that. Thanks, and thanks for hosting as I do love this linky x

  9. blank

    Beautiful. I love ordinary candid photos, the posed ones are beautiful too of course but its nice to keep some of the every day moments photographed too. I love the little legs under the curtain, so sweet.

    1. blank

      I like them, too, thanks. It’s the little moments that can get forgotten, I think, so nice to keep them here πŸ™‚

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