Siblings January 2016

The siblings have been very close recently. Even more so than normal, I think.

The Christmas break saw Little Man and Boo having lots of fun together. I think if I were to choose one word to sum up the past few weeks it would have to be ‘play’. They’ve played games, played in the garden, played in imaginary worlds, played with new toys, it’s all been wonderful. Little Man’s done very well as he’s got a house full of his own new toys as well as Boo’s whilst she’s busy at school again – he flits from one thing to another excitedly!

This month has also seen Little Man start at nursery. He has been decidedly reluctant to attend, though fortunately settles down OK once he is there, so I’m told. It’s been the pull of his big sister being somewhere in the same building that calms him, the knowledge that they’re both having the same school dinner in the same hall, and the occasional stroll up the corridor with his key-worker to mosey on by Boo’s classroom. Boo, in turn, is telling him how brilliant it is there, how much fun he’ll have and the friends he’ll make. Bless her for helping, it is still early days.

So here are a few snaps of them this month…

Siblings January 16

Siblings January 16 2

Siblings January 16 1

Ask them to lie next to each other so that I can take some photos, and this is what you get!

My very own Princess Anna and Captain America, AKA Boo and Little Man at 6 years 3 months and 3 years 4 months respectively. Love them to bits.

dear beautiful

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16 thoughts on “Siblings January 2016”

  1. It’s lovely that they are in the same building may get to see each other. It certainly helped my boy settle in to his nursery knowing he was in the same place as his sister! They look so happy and playful with each other, so cute!

  2. Aww what gorgeous snaps of them having fun together. They clearly have such a great relationship and it is so lovely to read what a good big sister Boo is to help her brother settle in. Glad he does well after the initial settling in and I am sure he will get there. Gorgeous kiddies ? xx

  3. These are great photos! Starting nursery is such a big thing but I’m sure he’ll settle soon and be loving it. I think it does help when they know someone familiar is nearby!

  4. I love that last photo of Boo and Little Man looking at each other – you can just see the love that they have for each other and how much fun they must have together. Beautiful. So lovely that Boo is trying to help Little Man settle in to nursery and that knowing she is in the same building helps him a little. Hope he adjusts to it very soon.

    1. They are quite a pair, they adore each other. She’s really trying to get him excited and happy about it, bless her x

  5. Christmas was just so lovely for the kids wasn’t it? Having all that quality time together. I am already looking forward to the next set of school holidays. These may be my favourite photos of yours yet – they just look so gloriously happy x

  6. These are beautiful photos. It is so hard when they don’t go into nursery too happily, I am not looking forward to my youngest starting in September, as I feel he may be the same.

    1. Thank you. It is really tough going, but I’m starting to see improvements now. Hope your little one is OK when the time comes.

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