Siblings January 2017

OK, to sum the siblings up this month is easy – they absolutely adore each other!

Having two weeks off over Christmas has meant that they are the very best of friends. We had a wonderful break and the kids were just revelling in being together 24/7. Boo’s return to school has meant that every afternoon they try to cram in about a day’s worth of play in the couple of hours they have together, and they give it a good go! They have yet to come down after Christmas and as we were keen to keep the fun times rolling, we are away this weekend so they have been really looking forward to this. It’s great to be having some quality family time again after the return to normality and routine.

We have taken loads of photos of them over the past month, but I think it’s these two that really sum up their relationship best. The first with Little Man’s excitement and over-exuberance shining through, whilst Boo being older understands that Daddy was looking for a more natural shot of them! I also love that she has her arm around him, something that I have noticed she often does when we’re out and about, a little protective gesture from big sis.

The second shot gives a feel of companionship. They are often playing or chatting or ‘doing’, but then they are just as comfortable simply being near one another. They are rarely still, so in this it is unusual, but they are always close to one another. Always.

Boo aged 7 years and 3 months and Little Man aged 4 years and 4 months. Love them.

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18 thoughts on “Siblings January 2017”

  1. It’s lovely that they can play together as much as just be next to each other too. My two do this and it’s lovely to witness. It’s all part of their relationship and being so lovely together. Lovely snaps to start the year off for #siblingproject

  2. Two beautiful shots of Boo and Little Man. They always look like they share the most wonderful bond and I’m so glad that they enjoyed that time together over Christmas. Love Little Man’s expression in the first photo and Boo’s protective arm around him 🙂 #siblingsproject

  3. It’s so weird — it’s not til I read about yours being best of friends, as they’ve been able to spend all of Christmas together, that I realised mine have never, ever spent a day apart!!! What a crazy thought. Beautiful pics and sentiments Joc — love the black and white one particularly xx #SiblingsProject

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