Siblings January 2018

We had a brilliant Christmas break, a much needed fortnight off school for these two. We broke up quite late so they only had a couple of days off before the big day itself – it’d be fair to say that excitement levels were high! It actually worked quite well as they then had a couple of weeks together playing with their new toys and activities. And my two do like to play together. I’d say Boo likes to have the odd hour or two to herself here and there where she takes herself up to her room and plays with toys, listens to her music or reads, but aside from that, they love being together. I’d like to say that the time spent together is in playing with their new things, but more often than not, they are creating some world that they both belong to and acting it all out, as Stormtroopers, Descendants, Power Rangers, Avengers, it varies from day to day! They love it and it was good to see them having loads of time together to just do as they liked.

For this month’s photos, I asked them if I could take a few shots yesterday morning. The problem is that on a Sunday morning they tend to be in full on play mode, so it’s tricky to get them to slow and calm down, even for a few photos. Anyway, this is the result…

Boo aged 8 years and 3 months and Little Man aged 5 years and 4 months. Love them.

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  1. It’s so lovely that they enjoy playing together. When I was a child, my younger sister would only play with me under duress at home – her friends were much more fun than her big sister!

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