Siblings January 2019

What a month this last one has been. Since my last siblings update we’ve had all of the fun and chaos of Christmas, a lovely New Year’s Eve trip down to London and then nearly a fortnight of illnesses and being housebound. All the fun!

With all of this going on, there has been plenty of family time. Which in our house translates as lots of drawing, colouring and creativity, imaginary play, board games and watching movies. The kids have been so very close and I have loved watching them play together.

Boo tends to take on the role of praising Little Man for his efforts, and Little Man takes on the role of simply basking in all of his glory! They are equals in imaginary play and creativity, and I like to listen in on how they come up with their games and who suggests what.

I’d say we’ve then played more games recently than we ever have, a result of having to stay in so much with the sickness along with getting several new games over Christmas. As we’ve long been a board games family, Little Man at 6 is pretty good at losing games, as we’re those evil sort of parents who don’t let him win or cut corners. However, that’s not to say that he won’t attempt to cheat if he thinks he can get away with it and win, so my honest, non-cheating, daughter has had to walk away from him a few times to teach him a lesson! He gets better all the time, we’ll make a fair-player out of him yet!

Here are a few snaps we took when in London…

Boo aged 9 years old and 3 months, Little Man aged 6 years old and 4 months. Love them.

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