Siblings July 2016

This month I wanted to share a few things about the kids and what they are currently enjoying, then how this brings them together.

Boo has just one more week left in year 1 now. She loves going to school and playing with her friends every day. She is full of confidence, boundless energy and curiosity. She has an innate sense of fairness and her kindness and compassion makes me so proud to see. She wants to take on every new activity she hears about, and nothing daunts her. A new class where she knows no-one is taken in her stride, a performance in front of the school is something to look forward to, and she forgets nothing! Though she has a ridiculous amount of toys, she tends to gravitate towards her books, colouring pens and notebooks more than anything else in moments of downtime.

Little Man only has 3 more days left at nursery before the holidays, and he’ll then be moving into his preschool year from September. After a shaky start to nursery, he now goes in without tears, though would still rather not go at all! He can be shy around new people and is much better one on one than in big groups. He is very articulate and if you get him started talking about super heroes or Star Wars, prepare to be there for some time! He adores playing with play sets and figures, weaving his own worlds around the characters with his amazing imagination. He will also get through several dressing up outfits each day, as he immerses himself in play.

They are both little dare devils. I do not have a cautious child, though I’d rather hoped for at least one of them to be! They love being outdoors, so riding (really fast!) on their scooters, and visiting a playground often tops both of their days out lists. They both enjoy imaginary play, and will happily spend hours on end acting out various scenarios together, both equal players in creating their stories. They both enjoy their books, though Boo tends to favour fiction and Little Man non-fiction. Boo has fallen in love with the world of Harry Potter so has introduced it to her brother and now they both chatter away about it and play within it. Little Man has ‘discovered’ the Power Rangers, so has excitedly shown it to his sister so they now both play fight (always a hit!) and spend time creating their own Power Ranger symbols.

They are very different people. I love seeing their individual personalities grow and develop. But for all of their differences, there can be no doubt that they are the best of friends.

For this month’s photos, I foolishly tried to interrupt them in the middle of playing in the garden so they were both well into crazy mode, hence the pics…

Siblings July 16

Siblings July 16 1

Siblings July 16 2

Just one more week and then they both have each other 24/7 for several weeks. They’ll love it.

Boo aged 6 years and 9 months, Little Man aged 3 year and 10 months. Love them.

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12 thoughts on “Siblings July 2016”

  1. Fantastic photos! I’m glad they get on so well together. They remind me a lot of my older kids when they were younger, they both had very different interests but they would share with each other. They grew up really close and even though they’ve had their arguments they will always stick up for each other if anyone else has ago, including me. It’s a lovely feeling knowing that they will always have each other and I’m sure you are feeling that too with yours. x

    1. Thank you! They are really close, and I can only hope that that continues as they grow up. It is special to have a sibling that’s always got your back x

  2. That final photo is brilliant – love how much fun they are having together. I love how they’ve both started to add Harry Potter-based games to their imaginative play and they always look like they have the most amazing bond with each other which is lovely to see 🙂 #thesiblingsproject

  3. It’s great that their very different personalities compliment each other and too their games. Having a boy and a girl you really do get to see all aspects of play, and I bet their hands are highly creative! You can see how happy they are with each other, I bet they can’t wait for the summer hols!
    Love the photos, some of the best captured moments are the spontaneous ones!

    1. They will love having all of that time together, it’ll be a lot of fun! Thank you, I think you’re right x

  4. Ahhh having so much fun together. They are looking more grown up than ever, can’t believe it. I bet ready for summer to start how exciting time off. #siblingsproject

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