Siblings July 2019

At last the summer is upon us. We can see the long school break on the horizon now, just a few more days to go, we can do this! The kids are looking forward to finishing school this week, they are looking forward to slowing the pace for a few weeks.

We actually don’t have loads planned and we’re not going away this summer. Herbie’s too young for us to leave him and we do have Disney World coming up in a few months time. It doesn’t matter, though, as these two make their own fun and adventures when given time together. It tends to take them a few days to settle into the new routine and calm down together, and then the days just fly by as they find new and interesting things to do each day. In fact, as I write this they are running around in the garden together playing with balloons. No, I’ve no idea why, but they are laughing a lot so it’s clearly good fun!

The thing that has struck me this month is how much closer in age they appear to be, and I can see the physical resemblances. Little Man is catching his big sister up in height, which is no easy thing as she’s quite tall. I also hadn’t noticed until I looked over at them the other day that their hair is now practically the same colour – when did that even happen?! I think you can probably tell that they are siblings. They also play and chat well, almost on the same level. Their age gap seems to be shrinking the more that my boy grows up. And he really is growing up, as I can’t believe that I have been making plans for his 7th birthday – seven, I can’t quite believe it!

Here they are this month, as I managed to grab them mid-play, and also threw Herb into the mix….

Boo aged 9 years and 9 months old, Little Man aged 6 years and 10 months old. Love them.

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