Siblings – July

Little Man is now 22 months old. He is old enough to be a play mate to Boo, and be blamed for any mischievous acts by Boo! He loves playing with his sister, copying everything that she does, and chasing around after her in the garden or when we’re out and about. Boo wakes up every single day and rushes in to our bedroom to see if Little Man’s up and awake, as she tells me she ‘can’t wait to see him every morning.’ If he’s up first, snuggling in our bed, his eyes light up as soon as he hears her bedroom door open and a huge smile spreads across his face.

They interact and understand each other more now, too. My favourite sibling moment over the past month (aside from many happy memories made while on our break to Bluestone) has to be when Boo scraped her knee out in the garden, was moaning as it had grazed and hurt, so Little Man toddled over to her and bent down to her knee and ‘kissed it better’. It was adorable, and she immediately smiled and went off playing again. They are there for each other, they instinctively know what the other needs and their happiness is seemingly interdependent.



sandpit fun

Little Man and Boo July 14

They remain the best of friends, giggling and playing all day long, and I do hope it lasts…

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46 thoughts on “Siblings – July”

  1. Such a lovely collection of sibling moments from your two this month. They sound so much like mine, the best of friends. And what you said about their happiness being interdependent, so so familiar. I feel so lucky to have children who adore each other so much, it’s such a blessing isn’t it?

  2. Aww they’re all such gorgeous moments of togetherness! It’s the lovely thing about this age when they just start to play together and you start to see what it was you were hoping for truly come together!

  3. Love all these photos Jocelyn, you have captured such fun between them, especially the one of Boo running. It must be great now they are getting old enough to interact and get into mischief together xx

  4. Beautiful photos – they look so happy playing together and really enjoying each others company. Love that Little Man kissed Boo’s knee better too – what a very precious moment. 🙂

  5. Wonderful relationship! JJ said to me the other day “Mummy, when EJ’s a bit older, can we be twins?” Just too cute! X

  6. Your two look about the same ages as mine. It can be hard sometimes can’t it but it is so lovely watching their relationship grow as they learn how to play together. Gorgeous photos.

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      Yes, it can be challenging, but it’s made a lot easier by the fact that they do get on so well together – phew!

  7. Your photos are gorgeous and I cannot wait for this stage – I think once my Little Man starts walking they’ll be able to play together more. Your two look like they have a great bond already and as you say, they’re the best of friends. Long may it continue! x

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