Siblings June 2015

I look back at my children’s relationship with one another over the last month, and to be honest, I wonder where the time has gone. We’ve had a busy few weeks, with some fabulous family days out and a weekend break, too. Plenty of time for my two to enjoy playing and being in each other’s company, and time for me to see how their friendship works.

Boo wants to show her little brother the world. She wants to teach him all she can, help him in any way possible and be with him, giggling, playing and all too often, up to mischief. She wakes in the morning and she wants him. When we’re out exploring, she’s near him, sharing all she knows, reading to him and telling him how things are. She’s definitely the older sibling, nurturing, caring and sometimes bossing, though he rarely lets her get away with that!

Little Man loves and looks up to his big sister. When we’re out and he’s out of his comfort zone, he wants her near him. He will adventure with the security of his sister’s reassurances and confidence, something that she has in spades. When we’re at home, he’s pretty content to do his own thing, though sometimes she has to play with him, on his very loud and clear insistence!

Here they are together over this past month, cuddling in a muddy festival field, watching a movie together, and an array of sibling explorations and chats captured…

siblings june 2015 1

siblings june 2015 2

siblings june 2015

The hot topic here at the moment is Little Man starting nursery. He’s enrolled to start this September, as he turns 3, and we’ve his induction day and settling in sessions coming up later this month and into July. He’s scared, he tells me. I know. Boo is spending a lot of time telling him how brilliant it is there, how she was scared, but it’s OK, as he’ll make friends and love it. She talks to him in great detail about the toys, play areas and activities, and he listens intently with a smile on his face. Please just let him focus on that and draw strength from his sister’s infectious excitement, so that he settles quickly. This is a time that I need him to trust in Boo and she’s doing a great job of supporting me in getting him to feel more comfortable with this big change on his horizon. Thank you, my darling, Boo.

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20 thoughts on “Siblings June 2015”

  1. They are so adorable together and it’s so nice to see that genuine close bond between them. I hope he absolutely loves nursery and remembers what his big sister has told him about how much fun it is x

  2. Awww lovely photos. Your two sound exactly like my two although I have an older boy and a younger girl. Z always wants to show his sister things and explain things to her. It is lovely to watch although it can come across as bossy sometimes lol. Of course, Miss C soon puts him in his place if she isn’t for it.

  3. Ah snuggled under the blanket together watching films – Kit and Ozzy do that too and it always makes me smile to see. So lovely to celebrate the happy moments of parenting in this linky x

  4. Oh what a sweet big sister she is, I’m sure that with her help your Little Man will be raring to go come September, they always look so close and happy in your photos 🙂

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