Siblings June 2016

As I pause this month and take a look at my children’s relationship with one another, one thing strikes me immediately.

My children are best friends.

Little Man is old enough to play with Boo pretty much as an equal now. There are very few things that he can’t do. They are both little dare-devils, so leap and climb and run about together. They are both brilliant at imaginative play so immerse themselves fully in their own little worlds. They both enjoy watching movies, so snuggle up together to get lost in them with one another. And demand snacks for their viewing pleasure.

But there’s one big thing that Boo can do that Little Man has yet to master. She reads. She reads a lot. And so she reads to her little brother, with her arm around him, reminding me that she is the big sister. She is the nurturer in their relationship. She is the one to always look out for her little brother, wanting to take care of him, wanting to make him happy. Whilst he, the younger one and the cheeky one, thinks mainly of himself!

Two little siblings, the best of friends, long may it last.

Siblings June 2016

Siblings June 2016 1

Siblings June 2016 2

Boo aged 6 years and 8 months, Little Man aged 3 years and 9 months. Love them.

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18 thoughts on “Siblings June 2016”

  1. How lovely that they enjoy each other’s company so much, and such lovely happy photos too. I’m currently in the middle of writing a post about my siblings, and they were once so close but now they are drifting apart. I guess it happens as they get older and develop new and different interests.

    1. I am suspecting that’ll happen as they get older, all part of growing up. I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

  2. Aww Joc — this makes me feel a bit teary!! I LOVE the fact that she reads to him!!! That’s just gorgeous. I didn’t have a sister until I was almost 10 and I vividly remember reading to my teddies!!! Lovely that she has a real life person to read to, who will genuinely enjoy it too xx #Siblings

  3. The reading is so special isn’t it – the same happens in our house – Ben listens to Chloe read and helps her when she get stuck or he reads to both of his sisters, often asking if he can read their bedtime story instead of me.

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