Siblings June 2018

What a month these two have had! They both absolutely adored Disney World, as did we all. They amazed me with how much stamina they had, we saw so much, walked so many miles, stayed out so late, but they managed to keep up. And whilst keeping up, they remained the best of friends. I don’t recall a single squabble, they got along together so well.

Boo ensured that she looked out for Little Man whenever he was uncertain around new people, rides and play areas, always sticking close to him checking that he was OK. She is such a good big sister. They spent hours together splashing about in the pool, lovely free time for them away from the crowds in the parks when we needed them to stay near to us. We struggled to get them out of the water!

When we got back, we had a few days before going back to school again, which worked out well. They played together, reliving their Disney days with their many, many Disney purchases surrounding them! If anyone needs any Disney soft toy character, just pop round, we’ll have it!

Here’s a few shots of them together, from Orlando….

Boo aged 8 years and 8 months, Little Man aged 5 years and 9 months. Love them.

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