Siblings – June

This month has seen Boo and Little Man enjoying more time outside, which means that they both have to put hats and sunglasses on every time (their rule, not mine!). We’ve had days in the garden, fun times at theme parks and enjoyed more National Trust outings. Boo looks out for Little Man, Little Man follows Boo. They are happy.

siblings june

siblings june 1

Life is getting easier, for me as their mum. Little Man is becoming more independent every day, and he will concentrate on play for a little longer now. I can set up activities for them both to enjoy together, and they will contentedly play alongside and with each other. Little Man is communicating more and more so they can chat together (well, Boo tells him what to do, he understands, and they run off giggling to do it!). They are the very best of friends, and I am very proud to be the one who gets to see their friendship grow every day.

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26 thoughts on “Siblings – June”

  1. Oh well don’t they look cool in sunglasses and hats! You’ve obviously had the perfect weather for exploring – and I love that picture of the two of them tucked up in bed – such cheeky happy smiles!

  2. Too cute! Our two also have to put hats and sunglasses on CONSTANTLY! But I can’t complain just glad they wear them without argument! x

  3. I love the one of them in bed-so lovely. I’m constantly amazed at how my two can be screaming at one another one minute and the next giggling away together. But that’s one of the great things about having siblings-they teach you so much about relationships with others I think x

  4. Awwww, loving the pictures and the words this month, so lovely to hear that their relationship is growing. I would definitely say that the more independent and communicative my littlest gets, the closer my two seem to be. It’s so lovely to watch. x

    1. Thank you. Yes, they chatter away to each other now, and Boo seems to understand every single thing he says and wants, which is very sweet to see x

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